2 thoughts on “USA: Every once and a while the curtain of Masonic lies falls and…”

  1. MR. PLUMS (loudly): “Mr. Pears, I am very sorry to hear that your factory burned to the ground!”

    MR. PEARS: “Shhh, quiet! It is scheduled for tonight!”

  2. Off subject: just seen: 12 year old braindead Archie Battersbee
    may drop dead from an atheist British judge. His parents want him to live on. He pressed the hand of his mum.

    It reminds me of 2 much younger boys who got executed several years ago in more or less comparable circumstances, against the will of their parents, also in GB.
    Parents are to have the final say, not a heartless judge!!!!

    Please pray for the divine solution.

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