Dr. James Thorp: How the DeathVaxx program violated the Nuremberg Code

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5 thoughts on “Dr. James Thorp: How the DeathVaxx program violated the Nuremberg Code”

  1. Very powerful content, but would an apology, as he mentions, really be sufficient from the doctors and nurses? Shouldn’t some sort of action/restitution/penance accompany such words? If so, whatever could that be?

  2. Great person, this MD!

    This was clear from the start: and ursula von der l. who got her job because of her marriage to vaccine-dealer heiko, would like to get rid of the Neurenberg treaty…… It thwarts her diabolical

  3. Correct me If I’m wrong: Masks are an attack against justice and charity. Because to enforce masks you are accusing people of spreading a virus without proving it for each individual. You are punishing individuals without proving them guilty. If you are accused of spreading a virus then they need to prove it and if they fail to prove it they need to compensate you or suffer a punishment. It is against justice to accuse somebody without repercusion, or to punish somebody without proof. Also is against charity to think that people are going to willingly spread a virus by default.

    With respect to mass: Is it not blasphemy to say that going to mass can spread a disease? And they never even made any attempt to prove whether that was correct!

    One of the worst blows of all this madness was to the soul of peoples since they made almost everybody guilty of sins against justice and charity. Even if the shot was just water and the mask didn’t do any physical (and phsicological) damage.

    They are making people wage war against truth (God) by following the mandates.

  4. They are soooopowerful only fasting and prayer can destroy the demons behind this whole scheme.

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