If you insist Bergoglio is the Pope, perhaps you need to look in the mirror?

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7 thoughts on “If you insist Bergoglio is the Pope, perhaps you need to look in the mirror?”

  1. 90% of Catholics still go to Mass in communion with Bergoglio.
    How many faithful can Jesus find here on Earth?

    1. Sadly, I’d bet the percentage to be higher than that.

      Perhaps, even to a large degree, the taking down of the caricature of a pontiff lies in the hands of lower clergy: priests courageous enough to pronounce Benedict’s name in the Canon. Great courage it will take, too, owing to the so-called “canceling” fury we’re witnessing from wolves in shepherd’s clothing.

  2. My pastor is a holy man, and says a future council may indeed find Bergoglio an anti-pope, but we mustn’t call him an antipope till then, as it will promote schism.

    He says for the unity of the church we should just ignore Bergoglio and carry on with parish life. He also says Pope B16 names Francis in the Canon of his own Mass (?)
    He knows I think B16 is still pope and respects I have the duty to follow my own conscience a la Newman.
    So we just don’t discuss it in public, –but a lot in private.
    Most parishioners are about holiness and ignore this pope, though they expect his successor to be Francis 2.0 Unspoken, everyone knows only God can sort out this ecclesiastical and geopolitical mess, but trusts it will happen.

    Anybody else out there know a pastor or parish like this?.

  3. I have tried to be obedient since 1969 to an edict that seemed wrong to me. When Pope B16 restored the Latin MassI have been to each one that I have been able to attend. I was in my 20s when I was forced to NO…or no Mass..Now I’m 80 and it’s starting all over again.

    1. It is for us to pray for the virtue of steadfastness with the intercession of Our Lady, the Blessed Mother of God.

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