IRELAND: Globalist Marxist Govt. set to outlaw the Catholic Faith in certain zones

Editor’s Note: If this law goes into effect, Catholics from all over Europe should go to Ireland to violate the law. You cannot arrest everyone. This is how you break a Bolshevik government before it begins killing its people.

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5 thoughts on “IRELAND: Globalist Marxist Govt. set to outlaw the Catholic Faith in certain zones”

    1. American was never a Catholic nation. Its founders were Deists who acknowledged the Divine Providence of the Creator.

      Ireland was a Catholic country, and so it is far more guilty of apostasy. From an outsider’s point of view, corrupt clergy & arrogant clericalism caused cynicism and the loss of faith in the Irish laity.

    2. @Mary Langdon “Ireland has lost The Faith. So has America.” But not ALL of the Irish people and American people who remain faithful.

      It seems to me that just as the schism of the anti-church from Jesus’ Church rampages on so to in a similar manner do we have the schism of Global Elite Public Private Partnerships, aka governments, from the faithful remnant who are ruled by such anti-Christ tyranny and tyrants.

  1. When I would travel back home to Ireland over the years, I noticed the lack of faith – the young seemed to have none at all, and the older ones were not as devout. But there are pockets of real faith alive in Ireland still, and thank God for them.

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