Pope Benedict XVI will be slain by forces of the Russian Federation

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As we move closer to the fulfilment of all which Our Lady prophesied at Fatima, it becomes clear against what She came to warn us and what is the true horror foretold in the so-called Fourth Secret.

For that reason, I wanted to expound here my guess about how this will go down, as regards the Holy Father.

Our Lady came to Fatima to warn us about the plot of the Freemasons, begun in that diocese in the 1700s to infiltrate the Sacred Hierarchy and overthrow the Papacy. Begun by a Bishop who went on to be a Cardinal, and from whose hands descended, in part, the episcopal lineage which ends with Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is the Bishop dressed in white, who would lead the faithful astray, as an anti-pope, promoting all kinds of infidelity and impurity.

And also of the true Pope, Benedict XVI, who would be martyred on top of a hill by a band of soldiers. Martyred, in a way seen also by Pope Pius X in vision, as reported here:

But what soldiers?

Bl. Elena Aiello tells us in her vision of World War III. Sr. Lucia also confirms it: the flag of Russia will fly over the Vatican.

World War III which is now begun in Ukraine. The Russian propagandists have made it quite clear that they aim to take all of Europe.

The conclusion therefore is obvious: Pope Benedict XVI will be forced to flee the Vatican, but will be caught and slain.

Father Gruner even pointed out the location of the martyrdom in one of his videos: the hill of Monte Mario, just north of the Vatican, which is famous for its ancient pine trees with the kind of bark described by Sr. Lucia Santos:

The Russian Federation has begun full military and economic mobilization for World War III. Her armies might very well overwhelm Ukraine and pour into the EU as early as spring of 2023.

Vatican security is non-existent. A Band of Soldiers could effectively storm, take and kill everyone inside. Nothing has been done to prevent that. Only about a dozen soldiers of the Italian Army are even assigned to security round the city state.

The time now is short. All the pieces to be played are now on the chess board. All who should have listened to Our Lady and acted, and who could have acted, are now deaf, dumb and ignorant.

Let us pray for Our Holy Father and for all the faithful who will be with him in that dire hour.

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  1. I have read that all true prophesy is conditional upon the holy prayers and penitential observances of the faithful. If enough people put on sackcloth and ashes, even if in spirit, by fasting 2 days per week maybe God will spare us all these horrible things. Penance is now translated wrongly as “repent”…they arent the same. Doing penance is active making up to God for abuses against Him and others.

    1. This is true, Mary. But for enough Catholics to do enough penance now would require a large portion of the Sacred Hierarchy calling for penance. But the 95% of the Hierarchy have joined the Globalist plot against humanity, so, there is no hope of such a call being made except by an extraordinary divine intervention or some dire world wide catastrophe which shakes men to their bones… or both…

      1. Article twitter on the Sacrament of Matrimony is now in Spanish.

        It seems that citizengo et al. may have hacked it because it sure seems like they are desecrating it by using language to pervert it.

        (Pls do not publish, except – w/due attribution – what has been (pre)published elsewhere.)

  2. It is possible , if true , the Russian soldiers would be from Chechnya .

    That’s what happened to the sack of Rome in 1527- Muslim and Lutheran troops of Charles V sacked Rome.

    1. The “sides” are not contrary; their strings are entangled and the aged fingers “pulling” each set, like the US Democrats and US Republicans, are on the same set of parasitic arms.

  3. A detail: St Lucia identified the wood which made up the cross where the Pope is to be executed as having “cork bark.” She would have been very accurate in recognizing trees, especially from her knowledge of the Holm Oak, which was and still is common in the Iberian peninsula, and which is the tree above which Our Lady appeared. Cork oak trees, Holm Oaks, English Oak are all of the same family and Holm Oaks with their thick black bark are prized in the Iberian peninsula for their acorns falling in abundance to feed the pigs which give the Iberian hams their distinctive flavour. Lucia would not have confused the Oak with the Pine, which is a very different tree. Fr Gruner may have identified the correct park, but the tree which is to be used will almost certainly be an Holm Oak, incidentally, used by town planners in cities all over the world because of their legendary resistance to pollution and salt spray.

    It would be good for you Br. Bugnolo (you’d have to return to Rome, of course, for this!) or for one of your buddies in Rome to go up there and check out the trees to confirm!

    1. I am told that Sr. Lucia does not say it was a cork bark, but like a cork bark, that is rough. Italian pines have this kind of bark.

      1. “Monte Mario, with its 139 meters of height, is the highest hill in a range of hills called Monti della Farnesina and represents for its environmental features a real mosaic of biological diversity which is today rare to find in Rome. The soil is formed by sand and gravel of ancient origins, from which the geological history of the area where the town was built can be easily retraced. While the lowest areas are characterized by a typically Mediterranean vegetation (Holm oak, Cork oak, and Cistus)…”

  4. In the end it does not matter. It is our sins that cry to heaven. Western sin in particular. We have reduced the pope to a muted man in a few square meters in the back garden of the Vatican. And then it is the Russians who do the deed? Christ died at the hands of Romans. But the jews were to be blamed.. we know human sin put Jesus on the cross. And there is no more jew or gentile according to Paul. Likewise our sins are larger and communism is devised in a British library and imposed on the russian people. Don’t forget that Fatima says that Russia will convert and that may very well be prior to us..

      1. I was thinking yesterday. Two things. How many popes have been martered? Not many. It still is a huge grace and it already since long is clear that Benedict’s papacy is the one referred to like John XXIII mentioned his wasn’t. Contemplate the heraldry of Benedict. The Bear to be raised uphill. That is Russia. The cross of St. Andrew. That’s the brother of St.Peter. Then the Moor.Egypt stands for the human flesh. Israel for the resurrection of that very flesh. Rome is the blessing of Esau. The kingdom of Latinum was founded by a descendant of Esau. Esau is the period of the gentiles. Which is about to end. Like jerusalem was destroyed. It is proper that also Rome will be destroyed. It seems proper that it is done by an Egyptian as represented by the Moor. Then is Putin an Egyptian?
        Benedict himself will not see the new era. The era is represented in the bottom shell and is not to be confused with the NWO of the west. The wolves in the hierarchy and Klaus Schwab, the Kult of Thule.
        The office of st. Peter will be saved and will continue through Benedict. But his heraldry is the first without Tiara. Never forget that St. Was tied and brought where he did not want to go.

  5. “And also of the true Pope, Benedict XVI, who would be martyred on top of a hill by a band of soldiers. ” – Yes, I think you are 100% right.
    I think that all of what you wrote makes logical sense.

    I had a discussion with a Catholic last night who can see that the shots are bioweapons and believes Bergoglio is an anti-pope, yet he is 100% in favor of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine (just like some of your former supporters), and he thinks that Putin is a hero, not just because of this invasion, but because he kissed an icon of our Lady! We had quite the (friendly) debate, which led me to understand that he thinks that Russia was consecrated by JPII, so no wonder he cannot see the seemingly obvious truth of what’s really going on.

    We are truly blessed (not better than anyone) to be able to have eyes to see. This is such a gift; a grace from God. May we continue to abide in Him.
    Ave Maria!

    1. I think that the key to recognizing that Putin is a tool of the Devil is to list all the evil he has done or been a part of and that this is simply not coherent with someone who has faith, but is more coherent with someone who is using the faith to advance his own power. Watching a documentary on the internet will help, but will likely be incomplete. To this one has to add the apartment bombings in Moscow in the late 90’s early 2000’s, the school massacre by “muslim” terrorists in 2003, the Chechnyan wars, the repression of the democratic process, and the murdering of journalists. The result of all this evil is that he has become a psychopath…..

      It also helps to interpret the kissing of the 6 year old boy’s belly as an irrepressible urge of a repressed pedophile.

      One cannot put all these pieces together and still believe that he is a “diamond in the rough” as Edmund Maza called him a few months ago.

      In my opinion, this man is very likely one of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (even if the meaning of these is more symbolic).

  6. Did Pope Benedict XVI ever state that he believed the Consecration of Russia had been done according to Our Lady’s instructions?

    Why would regular Russian armed forces kill Pope Benedict XVI, unless they believed him to be reigning Pope?

    What happens to the Bishop in White in the Third (or Fourth) Secret?

    1. Alas, stupid me, in 2019, I gave my Scholastic Question to a Russian embassy official. So the FSB knows he is the true pope.

      1. Giving that intel to the Russians would probably make you complicit in what ever happens to him by by the Russians?

      2. I have to answer for that to God. That is why I publish this article, to raise awareness. At the time, I thought they were friends, since Putin had asked for the Consecration.

  7. By now, so much and so many prophecies seemed mixed together that it seems we will know only after it has happened and to what degree it has been symbolic and or literal. Isn’t it HE the bishop in white Bergoglio?( that will be killed? Perhaps bith Benedict and Bergoglio would be murdered. Aren’t all but something like 8 priests in Rome to be killed? And why would Russians or Chechyens gave to be the ones, couldnt “freelancer” illegals do it? That way Muslims and Russians can claim plausible deniability. I remember one prophecy (i wish i could remember which) as a small man and a tall man would be the assasins. I am wondering if any of the public outside those there when it happens will even really know or be able to use media when the event is fulfilled. It would make sense that we would not know in order to add to the chaos of these times by not reporting it and covering it up or distorting it. Communications will be brought down won’t they? This would serve well both the Antichrist but also the Great Prelate, wouldn’t it?

  8. We need to warn everyone not to take the mark of the beast. That will not happen tomorrow, but I think it will become “the” issue for people of faith in the not to distant future, perhaps 8 or 9 years from today.

  9. With the Perestroika Deception (Anatoliy Golitsyn) there are deceptions within deceptions. The EUSSR wants Western and Central Europe to merge with Russia to create Eurasia – the centrepiece of the NWO. Ultimately that is what the Communist East thinks this war is about. But. As we know there is a bigger play.

    Those persevering in the faith should continue to pray for the suffering Holy Father, for the Consecration and above all the Rosary and make the 5 First Saturdays if they can. I am sure that the organised forces of Anti-Christ know very well that Benedict holds the office of the papacy – this is on the Vatican website. Pope No. 2 is Acting in the Ministry of the office.

  10. Fascinating article that has deservedly drawn many good comments. I would compliment Brother Bugnolo on his efforts to portray the true face of Russia and Putin that many alternative commentators ignore .

    Clearly, Putin is not a Christian ,but more likely a freemason posing as Russian orthodox and taking his orders from the WEF ,and their bosses. As Our Lord said” By their fruits you will know them “, and that is certainly the case with Putin.

    Brother Bugnolo is absolutely correct in saying that Putin motivation is to re eastablish the former Soviet Union. This is why Our Lady urged the proper consecration of Russia by the Pope and the worlds bishops ,and the five first Saturdays reparation.

    The Vatican hierarchy are responsible for this terrible mess as they have led the faithful astray for so long ,and ignored heaven’s requests. Therefore, it looks like the punishment of God will fall upon Italy, the Vatican and the true
    Pope Benedict XVI.

  11. What do the arrows mean in the 3rd Fatima Secret?
    Russian soldiers do not shoot with arrows.
    The 3rd Secret is full of symbols, so it is impossible to say exactly what will come.

    1. I have read that the Ukrainians aand the Russians have been accused of using a weapon which delivers ‘flechettes’ which are small sharp arrow-shaped weapons like darts; I read they have been banned internationally, but apparently they are using them in this conflict. Wikipedia has an entry on this. They can be shot individually, or in a cluster, or dropped from planes.

      1. They are called cluster bombs. Antipersonnel weapons of this kind have been around before the age of modern warfar

  12. The Russian will not shoot with arrows, but the civilian turncoats or the implanted “immigrants” will use crossbows or any makeshift weapons.

  13. Looks like I missed something here in the past (and couldn’t find it on your site now), but can you please specify details of:
    1. the founding of freemasonry in the 1700s in a Portuguese diocese.? Am I understanding this correctly? Are we speaking here of global freemasonry? (And is this separate from Weishaupt’s founding of the ‘new world order’ secret society in 1717 — whose evil freemasonry anniversary was commemorated in 1917 in Rome and inspired St. Max Kolbe to found the Militia Immaculatae (to fight freemasonry)?
    2. that the bishop involved with this founding became a cardinal? Who is this bishop/cardinal?
    thank you!
    reference excerpt from your article:
    “Our Lady came to Fatima to warn us about the plot of the Freemasons, begun in that diocese in the 1700s to infiltrate the Sacred Hierarchy and overthrow the Papacy. Begun by a Bishop who went on to be a Cardinal…”

  14. “Vatican security is non-existent.”

    Why couldn’t a group of Faithful demand that Pope Benedict XVI be moved to a safe location because they fear for his safety?

  15. Because Benedict is not fleeing for the wolves and he has always known he is the pope in the prophecy and knows it serves a purpose even the conversion of russia. Sort of deepening of Leo the Great and Attilla the Hun. Its all the same supernatural event..

  16. “It is not possible to have Sacramental Communion without Ecclesial Communion”, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost; It Is “Through Christ, With Christ, And In Christ, Through The Unity Of The Holy Ghost”, Filioque, that Holy Mother Church exists.

    It has always been about The Marriage In Heaven, And On Earth

    “It has always been about The Marriage In Heaven and On Earth. – “Blessed are those who are Called to The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb.”

    Pray that Through The Immaculate Heart Of Mary, there will be healing from “The Great Divorce”, that occurred due to the denial of The Unity Of The Holy Ghost.


    1. It’s an error to speak about “Unity of the Holy Ghost”, the correct expression is , “unity with the Holy Ghost”, as you cannot have a Sacramentally efficacious communion without a true and authentic ecclesial communion with the true Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth: Benedict XVI

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