NETHERLANDS: This Fall, Govt. will invite citizens to be DeathVaxxed again

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7 thoughts on “NETHERLANDS: This Fall, Govt. will invite citizens to be DeathVaxxed again”

  1. Nobody is surprised at this: vaxx without end, Amen. This morning on the radio it was announced that cancer testing on the NHS will be scaled back to pay for needed pay rises for NHS personnel who are suffering loss of real income due to inflation.
    Many nurses are going to food banks because they can’t otherwise feed their families. 30k+ vacant physician & nurse jobs all over the country, and though unsaid, we well all know why. . . those who resisted pressure to take the jab quit or were fired; 30-40% of those who did are now medically unfit to work. (Same deal with the airline industry.)

  2. Dear Br. Bugnolo, Are you alright. Been several days since a post was made and hoping you’re personally well. Praying for you…Know it’s been a difficult time. God Bless and Keep You.

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