8 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND: Liz Gunn’s exposé of the MSM Conspiracy to cover up the DeathVaxx Holocaust”

  1. As a New Zealand citizen i am very proud of Liz Gunn for her expose of this travesty on Tokelau.
    This is also an expose of the crime committed against NZ and all nations exposed to the travesty of the death jab

  2. Glad you are back……….

    Eu-parliamentmember Christine Anderson recently announced
    the world wide resistance movement vs the wef diabolical ‘great’

    Time to get it replaced by the only right world order: THE DIVINE WORLD ORDER

  3. Br., do you believe there will ever be any sort of day of reckoning by men? It just seems improbable in the light of prophecy – a kind of “hopium fix” for the, as you might say, the sociopathologically hopeful? [I am not trying to be provocative or insulting].

    1. There will be a day of reckoning, because when Christ returns, He will return not only as God, but also as Man, and the wicked will be physically and spiritually punished for ever last one of their crimes.

  4. Jacinda and her father Ross Adern needs to be inprisonment for the crime they have committed by bulling in the Tokelauans to be vaxx and arresting families. They have no right to do such thing.

  5. Their ‘world’ will be tested with fire. And that’s exactly the crazy arrogance of their digital control society. One oversized solar flare and gone is their control society. What it will do to their ‘bio’networks is not a guess either…

  6. As an Aussie, I once thought that Atafu would be an excellence place to live. Off the grid, etc. But it’s clear that tyranny is a temptation for leaders in human civilizations of any size, and may be magnified when the population is small and you cannot hide. Congrats to the family on Atafu who have held out to not have had their DNA changed.

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