Andrea Cionci: Bergoglio in Canada mostra se stesso Pagliaccio globalista, non il Papa

2 thoughts on “Andrea Cionci: Bergoglio in Canada mostra se stesso Pagliaccio globalista, non il Papa”

  1. Lourdes outdoor Assumption Mass snubs Our Lady at the Grotto

    The outdoor Mass for the Assumption of Our Lady in Lourdes today on August 15, 2022 was the most paganistic Mass ever held in Lourdes because there was no Crucifix with a human body form and it completely snubbed Our Lady at the Grotto during the entire Mass. The small golden cross that was carried at the entrance procession which was placed on the altar had no human body image which is exactly the empty cross of the Protestants.

    The largest Mass for the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady was held outdoors in Lourdes in open air as if it was some pagan ritual which must be to the delight of pagan Pachamama apostle Pope Francis.

    The white tent is completely empty of religious symbols and it looks like any typical tent for secular events. It is completely surrounded by trees as if it was a picnic tent during summer. It has a bare altar (although it could have a relic of a saint.) Nonetheless this is the biggest mockery ever to Our Lady on her biggest feastday of the Assumption in France.

    The Bishop who celebrated the Mass was the main center of attraction and therefore this Mass was centred on man — in the Religion of Man — which is exactly what Vatican II promulgated and what John Paul II and all Vatican II popes promoted including Francis. See the homily on the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady in 2000 in France by Bishop Dolan

    At the entrance procession of the Mass, the numerous priests bowed before the bare empty tent and they looked ridiculous and pathetic as if they were bowing before the invisible air and empty space.

    Likewise, the thousands of Catholics attending the Mass looked like obtuse sheep being led into Satan’s apostate abattoir. Meanwhile the Grotto was on their left or right side barely visible to the periphery of their eyes.

    The religious authorities in Lourdes will probably justify this Mass that it was held in the white tent where the regular Eucharistic Procession starts from as it proceeds to the Basilica of St. Pius X that can hold 25,000 people. But that would be a lame excuse.

    They should have held this important Mass for the Assumption of Our Lady — at the Grotto — and then let the thousands of pilgrims attend in the same place — where they could see the Grotto in full view and where they could have been fully accommodated.. There is no excuse for this blatant secular pagan ritual on the part of the Bishop and the religious authorities of Lourdes.

    At the Angelus after the Mass (see 2.06.13 . the Bishop asked the people to turn towards the Grotto which is sideways on their left or right side . This was a very subtle way of dethroning Our Lady as the Queen of Heaven by positioning Her out of central view on Her biggest feastday of Her Assumption.

    This pagan outdoor Mass (despite its seemingly religious music and liturgy) is reminiscent to the Vatican II decree that removed the Holy Tabernacle away from the main altar and placed it on the peripheral side of the altar or somewhere else not visible to the people inside the church. The thousands of pilgrims today were positioned to ignore and snub Our Lady at the Grotto during the entire Mass on Her most important feastday of the Assumption in France in 2022.

  2. COVID19 followed his pachamama “mass”. After another abominable action expect similar consequences.

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