Sanctuaries of Iberia: Basilica of Saint Michael the Archangel in Exclesis

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We Catholics who live outside of Europe do not appreciate the tremendous religious treasure which Catholics have built up in Europe during the last 2000 years: the most visible of which are the sanctuaries and shrines were our ancestors have venerated the Saints and adored the Most Holy Trinity.

On my mission to Spain, I therefore made it a point to begin with a pilgrimage, and first of all, to the Shrine of Saint Michael the Archangel in Excelsis, which is one of the oldest in Iberia.

Here is the history of the place:

The shrine can be found on a high mountain top, NE of Pamplona, just inside the Spanish border, after you enter from France. Here are the videos and photos I took yesterday:

Now I lit 9 candles for the intentions of my readers. You can write your petitions below, numbering them by the number of the Candle. And yes, there is no charge, and you can share the same candle.

Here are some photographs of the interior:

There is a church built behind the small carolingian altar, which I featured in the videos. This is it above.

And there are some banners made by the Catholics of the area, which they carry in procession:

Here is the beautiful processional cross of the Basilica:

Here is the main alter of the Carolingian chapel:

Here is the high alter of the larger Church in which the chapel is found:

And here are the horses which dwell on Saint Michael’s mountain:

There was even a little dog, who was glad to see me:


This morning I am at the Tomb of the Apostle, seeking the counsel of the great Saint James, the Greater, at Compostella, until 11:45 A. M., and Tomorrow I visit the sites where the 5 prayers were revealed during the apparitions of Saint Michael and our Lady at Fatima, Portugal.

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14 thoughts on “Sanctuaries of Iberia: Basilica of Saint Michael the Archangel in Exclesis”

  1. Nice, Brother Alexis.

    You are enjoying it a lot I can see.

    I’m off to Denmark with my wife and son on Saturday, for 3 weeks.
    First one since 2019, because of the fake trubbles.

    Kind regards and stay healthy, both ways!

  2. Hi Br Bugnolo

    I would have loved to have met you yesterday in San Miguel de Aralar, as I am not far away, but alas the short notice and several other commitments did not make it possible for me to go.

    Thanks for the candles and prayers.
    Candle #1: I would ask St Michael for the conversion of my wife, and that my wife and children may receive the sacrament of confirmation.

    Thank you for all you do. I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. As an Iberian man living in America, I thank you for your prayer.

    St Michael the archangel please raise these nine intentions up to the Throne of our Lord by means of these nine candles Brother Alexis has lit and prayed;

    1. Lord have mercy on me, my wife, and my children
    2. For reconciliation and healing in my marriage and family
    3. For all families to persevere in Christ
    4. For all those in Christ to provide for the well-being of their families, in work and service to others
    5. For the unvaccinated all over the world to remain courageous
    6. For the vaccinated all over the world to find solace and peace in Christ
    7. For Br Alexis and those who assist him in his work
    8. Jesus protect and save the unborn
    9. For the conversion of America to the One True Faith.

  4. Br. Bugnolo, will send a donation for your work in Spain, please reserve one of the candles for my intentions, if possible. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Thank you for sharing your day at the Bascilica of St Michael in Excelsis Dei! I enjoyed every step of your tour. It was especially interesting to learn that Archangels Michael and Gabriel are special friends.

    St. Michael, protect our souls and those of our family. Help expose the promoters of palliative care, especially those who are using the Catholic Church as their culture change agent — namely please help expose Dr. Ira Byock who is speaking in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles this week. May he not be allowed to educate Catholic priests about palliative care. Today’s palliative care violates the sanctity of human life.

    Many people are suffering from the COVID “vaccine” and will need good, traditional medical care. St Michael, please help people live a holy life protected from the tactics of the subtle wing of the euthanasia movement. May the evil promoters of palliative medicine fail in their goal to make palliative care MANDATORY for all patients.

  6. Thank you, Br. Alexis for sharing your pilgrimage. I enjoyed the sights.

    (Candle 1) For protection for Br. Alexis.
    Also to help me help my children increase in faith and charity.

  7. Since it was unknown here that Archangel Michael appeared with Mother Mary in Fatima: please tell the story………

  8. Candle intensions: St. Michael protect and guide Br. Bugnolo, my family and friends from all evil. Protect my writ from evil and place it in the hands of those who will favor us and those who are us.

  9. 5th Candle: Proclamation of the 5th Marian Dogma, Mary co-redemptrix, mediatrix, and advocate; and with it, the enthronement of the statue of our Lady of America in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.
    6th Candle: Prosper the Ordinariate in Britain, America, and Australia; through it, convert the Anglophone world to the True Faith.

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