Santiago de Compostela: The Convent of the Poor Clares at San Roche

Editor’s Note: This convent of Saint Clare in the quarter of Santiago known as San Roche is the dwelling of the daughters of St. Clare. It is a cloistered convent where the nuns wear the full habit still, and thus is greatly meriting new vocations. It is very large, and I guess it can take another 20 vocations. The Church is very beautiful and secluded, and the sisters faithfully keep the Choir, as you can hear in my short video. If you are a woman and are deeply inspired by the example of Saint Francis and/or Saint Clare, this may be where the Lord is calling you to live totally for him

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5 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela: The Convent of the Poor Clares at San Roche”

  1. It is good to know that tradition is thriving in some places in this topsy-turvy world. Thank you for this brief tour of a most beautiful church.

  2. Really enjoying these little jaunts around the EU. Glad to see you looking so fit and vigorous in your journey. Was a bit concerned near the end of your time in Ukraine.

  3. There’s a part of me that would like very much to say good-bye to the world, enter those walls and serve God for whatever time I have left.

    Unfotunately, there are too many parts of me that would rather do something else.

    1. Well, take some time to think about what lasts forever and what does not last forever. This is a sober meditation which clarifies the mind.

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