5 thoughts on “7 Priests Declare for Pope Benedict XVI (English)”

  1. How very inspiring to listen to these good & holy men who know the truth and are prepared to ‘lay down their lives’ for it! And thank YOU Brother Alexis for all your excellent work in this respect, and for the great catechesis you provide in all of your postings. As a 2012 convert from the UK I am learning so much in these times of trial & tribulation. Let us all pray for the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI. And let us all reject the masonic Bergoglian/Vatican II Church with its protestantized Novus Ordo liturgy. Deo gratias.

  2. How wonderful to hear these real priests stand up and shout from the rooftops the truth about the present day most shocking situation at the Vatican. The systematic destruction of God’s Church has grown clearer through the years from the 1960’s. It has become unrecogniseable for us who remember the Church from preVatican II and now it is in the final throes of its life as we have known it. There are many of us lay people around the world who stay with the full tradition and do our best to attend the Latin Mass. We are so grateful for the priests who nourish us. Personally I feel sorry for how many Bishops must be struggling with what comes from Bergoglio even though most of them are post V II themselves. We know of priests here in Australia who have been put out of parishes, just like in the United States and Canada. Only God knows how many such priests are scattered around the world. I wish success to those 7 brave priests – may they increase and multiply and may Our Blessed Mother Mary and St. Michael Archangel keep them safe from the wrath of the Masons and their cohorts, all haters of Almighty God and His Church.

  3. AMAZING….and the Salve Regina at the end sure did tug on the heartstrings! Thanks for sharing this most awesome video, Br. Bugnolo!

  4. I don’t understand this, “Go to Benedict” moment. Ratzinger and Wojtyla were popes back to back for 32 years! Who do you think appointed all of these limp wristed mitered ones – and especially the Cardinals who gave us Bergoglio? Are there any MEN left in the Church who think with their minds and not with their emotions??!!

    Yes, Bergoglio is a heretic. So is Benedict.

    1. You are very confused. Ratzinger, by saying that there is no mission to convert jews, is not saying that Jews do not have to believe in Christ. He is saying that a Jew who believes in God does not start believing in another God when he becomes a Christian, nor does he take upon him another religious obligation. Because Moses taught that every Jew must accept the Messiah as his absolute religious authority. That is what the Apostles did when they found Jesus Christ. And just as we do not say that the Apostles converted at Cana, so Ratzinger says there is technically no mission to convert Jews. — None of this denies that the modern who calls himself a Jew does not even believe in the God of Israel, because he has accepted the Talmud in place of the Torah and the Prophets and ignores the simple meaning of the text, attempting always to deny any reference to Jesus Christ, many of whom deny that He was even born of the lineage of David. So looking at it from this point of view, which is not theological, but moral, he has to convert, because he is practicing a false religion.

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