4 thoughts on “Real WWII History: Traitor King, American Theif & Soviet Spy”

  1. From one perspective, one can opine that great violations against the Fourth Commandment can be more serious than great violations against the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Commandments. Because the Fourth Commandment pertains to treason, it is murder of ones “patria” or “materna”, ones fatherland or motherland. So Anthony Blunt gets a slap on the hand for treason, while the two Americans get time in the slammer for theft. All because of the particular dictates of particular royal families. Weird. If people counter that republican democracy has been a failure, since 1453 — excepting the Papacy — has any monarchy been such a great success? Thanks to Mr. Felton for the bit of comedy in the beginning. Wow, I can become Lord Muck of Muckdom and be able to put Lord in front of my name and make myself feel superior than all those common plebians, if I buy a plot of dirt in Great Britain. How pathetic in its class consciousness. Greetings from the Great Southern Land.

    1. A Catholic Monarch and a Protestant-Masonic Monarchy are obviously two different things. One is willing to sacrifice everything for substance, the other for appearances.

    2. Yeah, the advertisement at the beginning is a real classy statement at the moral poverty of the British people.

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