FATIMA: Rosary live with Br. Bugnolo

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am currently in Fatima, Portugal, and will attempt tomorrow at 7 AM local time a live broadcast on From Rome Info Video Channel. Watch this Page for the Link.




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5 thoughts on “FATIMA: Rosary live with Br. Bugnolo”

  1. Where in the bible does it state that we should pray to saints or Mary?

    Where in the bible does it state that she is omniscient and omnipresent?

    Is she not a mere layperson and a sinner like us? Mary refers to God as her savior in Luke 1:47.

    How do we know this message from an apparition came from God?

    Are we not warned that demons and satan manifest as angels of light? How can we determine that this is a genuine message approved by God? (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)

    Does this apparition not contradict various teachings of the Bible? Worshiping Mary and her immaculate heart is idolatry.

    The problem is, Brother Bugnolo, I’m starting to look upon the apparition of Lady of Fatima as a load of pagan and/or demonic bullshit designed to mislead us.

    I don’t mean to be offensive here. I feel a duty to provide a different perspective on this.

    I want to be a Christian who communicates directly with God and Jesus.

    “For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” 1 Timothy 2:5.

    1. Here are my answers in order of your questions:

      1. Since the Reformation, those men who wanted to found their own churches because they wanted to violate Christ’s law against divorce, invented a narrative against the intercession of the saints, by restricting on their own authority the meaning of the word, “pray”, to adoration due to God alone. But if you look it up, in every language, “pray” means only to ask. And just as we can ask one another for help in this world, and just as the just are taken up to the Throne of God to intercede for us before the final coming of Christ (see Apocalypse, who is under the altar of God — the martyrs), so we can ask those who made it to victory to help us by interceding before that Throne, for us who still militate on earth.

      2. Mary is now omnipotent and omnipresent not by her own power, but because she is united with God in the Beatific Vision, because in Heaven the Saints see the Face of God and shine like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. And since God is all Truth, they see all truths past present and future. And since God is infinite power, since they are now enjoying the Banquest of the Lamb Who has triumphed over the world, the flesh and the devil, trampling out all demons by His Omnipotent Prayer, they share in that victory and thus by interceding with Christ the Victorious Lion, they can obtain grace, favors, mercies and miracles for us. Now since Christ has been given all authority in Heaven and Earth, and since Mary was the most faithful of all disciples and moreover chosen by God from all eternity to be the Mother of the Eternal Son according to His Humanity, He cannot fail to keep the 4th commandment, honor thy father and thy mother. So all that She asks for, He now grants. In this way, She is omnipotent, that is, She can obtain every grace helpful to the salvation of men, including natural and supernatural favors.

      3. According to what she is, she is a human person like ourselves. But according to who she is, the Mother of the Eternal Son, She has been exalted above the dignity of all angels and saints. Christ is also Her savior, but in a unique way, because He saves us after our sins, but He saved Her in the moment of Her conception, so that He might take from Her that humanity which is His full right, immaculate, pure, never sinful, never in rebellion to God His Father.

      4. Because 70000 persons including atheists saw the miracle of the Sun on Oct. 13, 1917, just as the little children said Our Lady would grant. Look it up. No power could do such a thing, but the Creator Himself.

      5. Ditto. Demons can work wonders but not things which only the Creator can do, because the Creation belongs to God the Creator, He never allows other powers to control its fundamental laws.

      6. No. It in fact confirms them. Such as that in the Apocalypse: now a great sign appeared in Heaven, a Woman clothed with the sun, a crown of 12 stars on Her head, and the moon under Her feet. Adoration of any creature is idolatry. But worshipping a creature is not, because just as in England a Judge is called your worshippful honor, so the word worship in English means to revere not adore.

      7. That is because you are starting on false principles, having accepted the criticism of Reformers without actually checking the Bible or the English dictionary.

      8. I thank you for your quesitons, they are common ones among Protestants.

      9. Every Christian can, but the more you serve Christ with fidelity, the more you realize that you are nothing in comparison to the heroes of the Bible.

      10. Check Timothy 2;5 in the Greek. Here the protestants get the translation wrong, because in Greek there are two words for “one”, one of which means the only one, sole, unique, and the other which means the number one, before all others. IN this passage the second “one” is used. And thus after Christ we can have many intercessors, as St. Paul says, before the cloud of witnesses or as St. John says in the Apocalypse where human beings are adoring The Triune God and praying to Him for humanity.

  2. Brother Bugnolo this was an excellent rebuttal to our protestant friend LM. I would like to also contribute evidence of the Mother of Gods direct intervention and favor, when a nation consecrates itself to her Immaculate heart . You could call this the second miracle of Fatima after the miracle of the Sun.

    in the 1931, the Bishops of Portugal along with 300,000 faithful consecrated their nation to the Immaculate Heart of the Mary Mother of God.

    At the time, the government of Portugal was masonic and anti catholic. The agenda of the masons in Portugal was to wipe out the catholic church completely; exactly as international freemasonry intends to do to the world wide Catholic church today.

    What were the fruits of this consecration in Portugal? Within ten years, the number of vocations to the priest hood in Portugal increased four times, an anti liberal and anti socialist leader called Antonio Salazar took control of the country and established a catholic society, where the state governs with the church. Furthermore, , Portugal was spared from communism and from the disastrous effects of world War two, a conflict that killed 60 million people .

    I would say that there is only one word for what happened to Portugal after its consecration to Our Lady and that is a miracle. This is definite proof to all those who ignore Mary’s role in interceding for mankind with God.

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