Dan Bongino: Getting the Covid Vaccine was the greatest mistake of my life

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6 thoughts on “Dan Bongino: Getting the Covid Vaccine was the greatest mistake of my life”

  1. He is not alone. Friends, medical professionals that we have met lately, indicate to us that they also regretted taking the jabs. we ask a few why they took it and they said it was required at work.

    we are thankful that some relatives have not continued to take the boosters, but we are sorry that they now are dealing with other medical conditions that they did not have before nor had any family history off.

  2. In 2007, I followed my doctor’s orders to take an “antibiotic” called levaquin to clear up an upper respiratory infection. That drug did so much damage to my body, I was bedridden for a year and didn’t know if I’d ever recover. Upon much research, I learned that my reaction was not rare. However, the doctor totally dismissed my suffering. By God’s grace I made close to a full recovery, but I am fully convinced that God allowed that to happen to me to open my eyes to the corruption in the medical/pharmaceutical world. I’m thankful for that suffering because it may have saved the lives of my family. We all knew to NEVER trust these criminals and we all resisted their pressure. Thank God! I pray for everyone who regrets taking the cv vx.

  3. We should pray for him and all those coming to the same realization – it’s not their fault, their doctors were NOT there to protect them when the were needed most.

    All trust is this fallen world is collapsing, let’s turn to Christ, only He can save us.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on us, sinners!

  4. I commend the honesty and humility of Dan Bongino expressing his regrets on taking these experimental shots. I pray for all those who either were fooled or coerced or pressured in any way to take them, and are now suffering regret or health problems.

    Only the grace of God has protected some from making the mistake of allowing these things to be injected into thier bodies. The whole covid scam was a divine lesson that we must ultimately trust in Almighty God to protect us against disease.

    Do not trust politicians, media ,or the medical /pharmaceutical cartels. They are anti christ and are dedicated to enslaving and destroying the human race.

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