TOLEDO: The Museum of Catholic Military Orders

Editor’s Note: The shops of Toledo are full of historical reproductions of armor and swords. Here is one shop advertising that they sell it all:

And here is the manequin of a Templar, in another:

However, one must take care, because upon close inspection, the majority of these shops are selling swords and armor for Freemasonic ceremonies.

Oh, and if you are interested, I found a museum of Witchcraft, on the Street of the Synagogue. But I said a prayer of exorcism as I pass. I do not recommend anyone risk diabolic possession or infestation by entering it. Sometimes, however, geography tells more truth than books.

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4 thoughts on “TOLEDO: The Museum of Catholic Military Orders”

    1. The Templars have nothing to do with the Masons. The Masons claim this to give their illegitimate organization legitimacy. But its a total lie and myth.

  1. Very interesting travels. One thing led to another till i landed on Codex Giga page 577! contrary to popular belief it seems Europe has a lot of witchcraft going on.

    How do you establish the existence of the devil for those who are not familiar with these practices?

    is there a way to witness this creature from a safe distance?

    1. The devils are spirits, they cannot be seen, but their presence is known by that which leads to or involves a violation of God’s laws.

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