4 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Supreme Court authorizes class action against Victoria Government for Scamdemic management”

  1. Oh boy. Give it to them. Here in the US, we watched with horror what Victoria did to her people. No free people should be treated as Australia treated her people. Who did they think they were, North Korea? Canada?
    Here’s hoping Victoria’s people reclaim their liberty.
    Go Aussies! Give em hell.

  2. I wish the lawyers involved in suing the Victorian government in Australia over the crippling lockdowns every success. I hope they sue that traitorous government for billions.

    Daniel Andrews and his bunch of communist police thug goons terrorized the people of Victoria for two years ,and they are still doing it. They are a disgrace .

    There was absolutely no need for any lockdowns or restrictions on public movement in Victoria , or Australia anywhere, as the so called covid has a case fatality rate of .1% ;the very same as the flu. The whole pandemic was a lie ,lie ,lie.

  3. Here was prayed a longtime for the final physical judgment of a bunch of traitors, of whom Morrison, Andrews, and Ardern, NZ, all over the world via the judgment prayer of Archangel Michael. Now it seems the human judgment is starting …………

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