Kirsch establishes DeathVaxx incident reporting site

Editor’s Note: The chances that a Silicon Valley executive financed by Wall Street Globalists really wants to solve the problem are about the chances of finding life on the Sun.

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One thought on “Kirsch establishes DeathVaxx incident reporting site”

  1. I think you are rather unfair to Steve Kirsch, Br Bugnolo.

    Yes, he certainly suffers from pride among other evident sins. He is clearly not a Christian, let alone Catholic.

    However, his motivation for fighting the Covid narrative is because he took two Moderna jabs as of 29 March 2021, then “A month later, I started hearing stories from my friends who reported relatives who died or they themselves became permanently disabled.”

    This from his own substack:

    Moreover, MIT, a mutual adversary, reported his change thus:

    He certainly appears to have burnt all bridges with those who helped make him wealthy long ago.

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