Br. Bugnolo at the Rosary for Life, Madrid, Spain, Aug: 27 & Interview

Editor’s Note: You can hear and see my interview at the 30 Minute mark, in my crude Spanish.Β  The group praying the Rosary are from Communion y TradiciΓ³n, the largest Carlist Catholic organization in Spain, which represents the Catholics who have opposed liberalism for the last 180 years, like all Catholics should have been doing. — I asked that a priest attend and lead the Rosary, since that is much more pleasing to the Holy Virgin than that I lead it.

One thought on “Br. Bugnolo at the Rosary for Life, Madrid, Spain, Aug: 27 & Interview”

  1. I couldn’t follow much of your interview, I’m afraid. There was a great deal of background noise, and it’s been about 23 years since I spoke Spanish with anyone, so apparently I’ve lost a great deal of it.

    However, I did find a couple of interesting bread recipes which youtube saw fit to post, for some strange reason, beneath yours, so it wasn’t a total loss, lol.

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