Br. Bugnolo´s interview with Tradición Viva (English version)

Tradition Lives – Some of us consider that the age of moral relativism was a time of transition for the imposition of the totalitarianism of lies and falsehood, the imposition of gender ideology, abortion, the dissolution of the family, the consideration of the person only? From your basic perspective, regardless of spiritual realities, are they clear manifestations of this new demonic totalitarianism?

Br. Alexis Bugnolo – Since 1789 we have not lived in a normal historical situation. If one reads the history of Europe from the time of Augustus, the founder of the Roman Empire, one sees a series of events with the Conversion of Constantine that start something totally new. And for a thousand years, I say, the pride of Satan, the Ancient Dragon, was chained by the Christian Faith of the rulers of our countries. But when King Philip IV of France and Navarre, grandson of the great Saint Louis IX, sent henchmen to beat his Holiness Boniface VIII to death, I calculate that this 1000 years came to an end.

And indeed, from thence on we see that the pride of Satan overcomes a great many people in Europe. And then comes the Great Plague that heralded the beginning of the Apocalypse. And then being the seeds of those errors that are the foundation of modern culture, such as 1) Nominalism, 2) private judgment, which gave rise to the Reformation (which is at the center of all rebellions against Jesus Christ), 3) Rationalism, 4) Pietism and Quietism, 5) Absolutionism. The latter became so aberrant that Christian rulers sought to control even the inner workings of the Church.

The French Revolution did not put an end to these errors, but incorporated them into a matrix and made it them the foundation of the modern state.

In this context, the Masonic Lodges, which have managed to build an anti-Christian culture, have sought to maintain control through a variety of new errors that imitate or imitate the true Catholic virtues of the previous civilization, in order to keep the masses sufficiently confused, ignorant, disaffected, misguided, and divided, so as to prevent any genuine movement toward the restoration of Christian civilization as it was.

Among these errors, one of the great and most misleading movements or ideologies of modern times is Liberalism. Against the Absolutionism of the State, where all power, authority and initiative are concentrated in a central government (which no longer respects morality, tradition, or the kingship of Christ, or even the fundamental dignity of the creatures that God has made) we have the ape of liberalism that is proposed as a savior or solution. However, Liberalism is impious, though it wants to appear otherwise due to its frequent appeal to natural law. Moreover Liberalism does not intend to return to the freedom of man as the Christian knows it, which consists in the knowledge, love and obedience to Christ Jesus, in a hierarchical order both in the Church and in the State, but rather proposes a radical individualism, where self-interest is placed at the apex of goals, rather than service to God our Creator and Savior. For this reason, Liberalism, by proposing a false notion of freedom, proposes false notions to oppose or resolve the increasingly evident and unbearable Absolutionism of the modern State, which is no longer content even with letting its subjects think for themselves, or act as free agents.

Moral Relativism, which is a logical consequence of Modernism in general, since it abandons in principle any notion of immutable truth in morality, was therefore a necessary step in preparing the masses for total ideological enslavement under the guise of a modern technological state where all the conveniences for private individualism are offered at the price of total ungodly submission. With Moral Relativism comes to an end any supposed right or motivation of the masses to resist the latest power grab that is contained in the Great Reset.

Tradition Lives – In the eternal struggle between good and evil, it seems that the official Church has given in before the revolutionary advances. Is it necessary to recover the church from the counter-reformation and cleanse our ranks of the Protestant poison?

Br. Alexis Bugnolo – Here we must distinguish between the Church Militant and the members of the Church. Because it is a serious error of Protestantism to attribute any sin or vice to the Holy Mother Church, since the supernatural being that is the Church is the immaculate bride of the Lamb, Who has purified her with the shedding of His own sacred and priceless Blood. But as for the members, we have in our days as our enemies, not only the Enemy of souls and his henchmen, but also the sons of Satan, that is, the Freemasons who, with a very effective, determined, relentless and continuous attack against the Church on earth, have achieved through cunning, treachery, deception, and the most heinous infamies and crimes, absolute dominion over all nations, such that we are prevented from knowing the truth of our own place in history or even from knowing the truth of the Catholic faith, because the very sources of truth have been silenced or manipulated by their allies in the Church.

On the one hand, after the French Revolution, it is not surprising that the clergy have been cowardly in the face of national governments that were and are openly hostile to the Catholic faith. In the Middle Ages, the clergy came mostly from noble families, who were warriors by nature and trained in the martial spirit. But in modern times, the clergy come mostly from families of office workers who are servants of the ruling classes. That is why since the French Revolution we have heard many homilies from priests who tell us to obey Caesar without hesitation, but few who have drawn the lines on the ground, to show us how much obedience is good and how much it is sinful and idolatrous. Driven by self-interest, a hierarchy that was eager to avoid conflict in order to obtain as many crumbs of freedom as possible, fell easily into such a habit of subservience to the Masonic governments of our times, and in doing so has robbed Catholics of 200 years of authentic preaching regarding what our duty to Christ the King on earth really means.

Furthermore, the great strategic goal of Freemasonry is to shift the focus of our obedience to Jesus Christ toward obedience to Lucifer. And slowly, by hundreds and thousands of very small and hard to notice events and changes, they have managed to do it very well, to the point that in the recent pandemic, between 60 and 90% of Catholics around the world trust more in politicians and journalists with their health, than in the living God who can resurrect the dead and heal all diseases.

Tradition lives – In the Middle Ages, Christianity flourished in all its splendor due to the clean doctrine of Catholicism and the spirit of spiritual and material combat that inflamed the souls of Christians. At that time the orders of chivalry wielded the sword to defend truth, justice and the beauty of things. Is it necessary for us Catholics to recover the spirit of spiritual and material combat?

Br. Alexis Bugnolo – The truth that needs to be preached in our time is that civil liberty does not exist except through the effort and sacrifice of the soldier. This is a truth of nature with which all political thinkers since Aristotle would agree. However, it is also true for the rights of Catholics, chief among which is to have faithful Catholics as their leaders and rulers, as the Angelic Doctor Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches, when he says that it is a kind of sacrilege for infidels to rule over Catholics.

And so without the Catholic soldier there can be no law and no political order in which the rights of Catholics are protected and guaranteed. And by Catholic soldier, I do not mean the Catholic man who promises his service to a Masonic state that is dedicated to promoting the values ​​of Freemasonry and persecuting the Church. No, a Catholic soldier must show his fidelity to Christ the King in a very real and concrete way, that is, by fighting for the freedom of Catholics and the creation or restoration of Catholic states and governments. He sins grievously in the service of any enemy of Jesus Christ.

Tradition Lives – The crusaders of yesteryear, except in the case of Spain, had to travel to distant lands to fight their battles, however today it seems that the situation in the West is more similar to the situation in Spain from the 8th to 15th centuries Can we say that the West has its enemies within its borders, that the fight to defend our faith has to be waged in our lands, in our homes, in our families?

Br. Alexis Bugnolo – One of my personal fascinations is the history of the Crusades. And recent historical investigations have revealed that the whole concept of the Crusade as a work of mercy and penance for past moral faults, arises from the example of Catholics in Spain and the motivations they had to reconquer their ancestral lands. The Reconquest is often presented as an era of wars of aggression, but in reality they were defensive wars to recapture Iberia for the Iberians, Christian lands for the Christians. This is a radically Catholic idea, because almost all modern just war theories, even those promoted in the Church, reduce the right of self-defense to conceptions of the immediate causes of a conflict and do not consider that as adopted children of God, Catholics have the perennial and millennial right to defend their ancestral lands and take them away from anyone, especially when they are enemies of Jesus Christ.

Have our nations not been conquered by the wicked? Have these enemies not perpetrated this with fraud, guile, unjust wars, revolutions and betrayals? Have they not maintained this control over the throat of Christendom through numerous massacres, crimes and outrages? How then can we tolerate this situation, without rejecting or renouncing the whole system of morality that was the reflex principles of our forefathers, especially those of us who have descended from the true heroes of those days of old?

Tradition Lives – Liberalism has infiltrated all strata of our society, paralyzing the evangelizing spirit of Catholics. Is the intellectual, psychological, moral, and material rearmament of Catholics necessary for this new battle?

Br. Alexis Bugnolo – Yes it is true. If a Catholic becomes aware of the reality in which he lives, it is easy to despair, since we are now surrounded on all sides. But once the Catholic adult realizes that he depends on the grace of God, and that in the cause of Jesus Christ he can never be defeated, he will gain confidence to resist this pervasive influence of Liberalism. First of all, we must direct our collective attention to the founding of Catholic training institutions that are not influenced by the errors of our time and that raise up a new generation that is capable of the courage and valor of our ancient ancestors. And this is not difficult, although it must be done with some discretion, just as we must always protect children from strangers. Today we must regard the entire establishment as our worst enemy and not seek escape in the fantasy that someone among them is our savior or even wants to save us.

Tradition Lives – Currently we Catholics are disorganized, we have fallen into the liberal error of individualism, we have separated ourselves from the community. What advice would you give for Catholics to enlist in the counterrevolutionary struggle?

Br. Alexis Bugnolo – Individualism is a pernicious error and can only be uprooted through deep personal repentance or a fully restored Catholic educational system. When Catholics realize that individualism is a false value system designed to make them more capable of being manipulated and controlled by Masonic elites, they will begin to understand how important it is for them to stop acting in accordance with such principles. Individualism, first of all, has nothing to do with being an individual, rather it has everything to do with ungodly conformity to prevailing tendencies toward carnality, secularism, and Satan worship.

Take for example the culture of tattoos. Most Catholics are unaware that all Catholic moral doctors have always held that tattoos are demonic and a deadly sin if one receives them voluntarily. (Here I exclude the exception that Crusaders and Catholics in pagan lands had the cross tattooed on their bodies to ensure proper burial if they were killed by bandits.) This moral prohibition stems from the fact that the all pure and holy God is the Author of our humanity, and by giving us unmarked skin, He shows us that we are made to belong to and serve the One above all human signs and languages. The tattoo, however, is a sign or symbol of belonging to a creature or of being subservient like a message board, which is a horrible denigration of our human dignity.

So also, in everything we do, in which we bow our heads, mark our hands or follow the ungodly herd of men, we equally sin because we betray our fundamental obligations to Christ the King to be a people consecrated only to Him, in the service of Him alone, with our hearts and minds focused on Him alone, regarding everything else as vanity, dust, and deception.

Once our souls are put back in the right order towards Jesus Christ, only then will we have true and full clarity, light and freedom to fight for his Kingdom. Our prayers must seek this end and cannot be satisfied with any mediocrity, because if we do not live for Him, we will perish. And now the storms of time are the fiercest in the entire history of the Church, only the heroic will be saved, only the heroic will save their own families and nations. The Catholics of Spain, therefore, must think soberly about these things and decide which destination they want to attain: the complete and total enslavement in Globalism, or a Catholic reconquest of everything for the honor and glory of God and the salvation of themselves in the time.

This interview was conducted via email. The above is the original English, which was published in Spanish translation previously.

Photo Credits: The Featured image is by FromRome.Info of the Fresco of the Final Judgement, in the Chapel of the Bishops, Cathedral of Toledo. All rights reserved.

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3 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo´s interview with Tradición Viva (English version)”

  1. Br Bugnolo,
    Your interview covers so much ground that it’s difficult to know what to comment on, but a couple of points stand out.

    I believe the Bible tells us that God gives us the leaders we deserve. (I’ll have to look that up.) In other words, if the people’s hearts are turned toward Him, He will put Godly leaders in place. But if the people turn away from Him, he will give them godless leaders.

    I have certainly seen that process at work in America in my lifetime. I was raised in a Catholic neighborhood but my dad was an atheist. All of my friends went to Catholic schools, but I went to public school. They were taught a great deal about religion, I was taught nothing. But we were brought up with similar values, because the culture at large adhered to those values- things like honesty, modesty, celibacy until marriage.

    As soon as I got out of high school, everything changed. The culture turned upside down. The pill came out, the Viet Nam war heated up, everywhere you looked, “free love” (ie: no strings sex) was being touted, feminists were burning their bras publicly as a sign of overthrowing male dominance, rebellion against the government was openly encouraged as protest against the war, abortion and divorce suddenly made acceptable. It was a time of upheaval, with overwhelming media encouragement to turn against the traditional values we had been raised with. And all of it aimed at my generation, just becoming adults.

    Now I’m looking at the terrible results of overthrowing the old values, God’s values. When I was growing up, a divorced man could not get elected to public office. Now we have progressed through degenerate men, like Bill Clinton, to outright evil ones.

    God has given this people the leaders we deserve. I don’t think it will do any good to try to change things at the top. I think it always rests on the people.

    I really liked what you said about training children up in the Lord. Hitler knew it and the Freemasons know it. Change the values of the young, and you change the society. When that happens, you also change the leaders.

    Good Catholic schools, like the ones my friends went to, would be a great start. After our culture began to crumble, lots of non-Catholic parents sent their kids to Catholic schools, because they stood as bastions of Godly values (and btw, better education) a lot longer than the public schools. I don’t know how they are now, but like everything else, they have probably been subverted.

    I don’t know how this can be done. That’s way above my pay grade. But I do know if it isn’t done, we will all suffer for it.

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