Archbishop who sold out Benedict XVI angry that Antipope is Sacrificing Cardinal Zen

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3 thoughts on “Archbishop who sold out Benedict XVI angry that Antipope is Sacrificing Cardinal Zen”

  1. Dear Catholics of True Faith,
    Please use your skills to circulate a world wide petition/demand to Pope Francis to claim Cardinal Zen as a Citizen of the Vatican State. The current situation is totally unacceptable and is a universal scandal hanging over the current Papacy. The nails were driven into the coffins of millions of Catholic Faithful by Pope Fancis sending the ex Cardinal, McCarrick, to, as far as can be ascertained, hand the Catholic Church in China over to the Chinese Communist Party. Is Cardinal Zen to be the sacrificial lamb on the Communist Altar?

    1. Seeing that Catholics of the True Faith know that Bergoglio is an antipope, I think you are addressing your letter to the wrong audience.

    2. Anti-pope Bergolio is in favor of the persecution in China. He does not care what happens to Cardinal Zen. The Chinese Communist Party is paying the Vatican money for the Vatican to keep away from intervention.

      The only one that could do anything to save Cardinal Zen could be Pope Benedict XVI but he is in house arrest at the Vatican. So we the true members of The Catholic Church are at this time able to help Cardinal Zen with our prayers and our support. Your idea is welcomed, but should be directed to those that really care (Pope Benedict XVI) or to those that MIGHT put pressure on China but will likely laugh at the request for help (the US administration).

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