2 thoughts on “After Murdering Hundreds of Thousands, NIH finally admits Ivermectin is an effective treament”

  1. HCQ and Ivermectin was announced early following the release of the Viral Bio-Weapon by Trump to be effective treatments and he was voraciously attacked by EVERYBODY associated with the Warfare for Profit. Trump wasn’t and isn’t perfect…But, he is the better of the evils as his Narcissism is used by God to maintain a hold in the world for God insofar as possible. Trump measures his success through numbers and he KNOWS he was great for the country…That he would be recorded and immortalized LONG TERM as one of the best Presidents of the U.S. THAT IS HIS GOAL. Immortality is a sure bet for this man to do what’s correct. He’s a perfect example of God USING evil for His own good purposes.

  2. Better later than never! But we already knew that ivermectine
    is a good treatment here.

    And please let the predicted rain pour during the days that are mentioned and maybe a few days more?

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