AntiPope Wants Progressivism as the new goal of Christian Spirituality and Worship

Editor’s Note: When you attend mass, in communion with, “X”, it does make a difference what X equals. Like the difference whether the train you are on board is headed to Rome or Auschwitz. And if you are kicking and screaming as a hostage, you should be able to discern which direction you are headed in.

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5 thoughts on “AntiPope Wants Progressivism as the new goal of Christian Spirituality and Worship”

  1. It is the nature of ‘Progressivism’ to always OVERSTEP the boundaries. The boundaries of God NEVER CHANGE; thus this ‘Backwardism and Forwardism’ gobble-d-gook is mumbo jumbo and ‘Word Salad’ meaning NOTHING.
    This is an ‘Anti-Pope’ and I will listen to nothing else this heretical apostate Satan has to say about ANYTHING. He’s a GODLESS hybrid Fascist/Communist of a Mussolini Fascist disappearing out of Italy when those of God began winning WW2 AS WAS PLANNED BY THE ANCESTOR SOCIOPATHIC MASTERS PULLING HIS STRINGS RIGHT NOW…The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Finks, Illuninati, Freemasons and all the ‘Secret’ little societies not so ‘Secret’ any longer.

    1. This group has been exposed in Sheen in Communism and the Conscience of the West, all of Steven Birmingham books, Malichi Martin books, Let none dare call it Treason. and tons more. Most have been discarded.

  2. I was praying all day in my heart asking God to please help me understand why I am not running to be with you at the parish where I was told not to attend unless I was masked. My priest had a friend call me at home to tell me not to attend. I objected directly to my priest and my Bishop to no avail. Now that I can go I don’t want to go because they all broke my heart here. I only ever went to Mass for Jesus and I now felt I stay away for Jesus since the lifting of the restriction as I prepare to change my location and my parish. Anyway, thank you for being part of an answered prayer, Brother.

    1. We have a holy pastor at my parish, who puts his faith in Our Lord. He said masking was a personal matter and no-one would be turned away for not wearing a mask.
      We gained a lot of new members from other parishes who had fearful pastors who locked their doors. Obedient to his bishop, our pastor locked the front doors, –but left the back door open. We were limited to less than 10, then 20, for weddings and funerals, –however “the rules” said the clergy and choir didn’t count. Whereuopon our pastor, innocent as a dove and wiley as a serpent, told the entire (large and joyously conspiratorial) congregations that “they were the choir, and to sing even if they had to lip-synch”.
      Churches were forbidden in the UK to be open during lockdown, “unless they were hosting a support group” [e.g., AA} Soooo. . . . our pastor declared the Catholic Book Club and the Bible Study group “recovering alcoholics” and “mental health support” groups respectively, and our parishioners had a spiritually improving, lockdown.
      We love our pastor; his sermons are scripturally oriented, not “personal experience” oriented.
      You rarely if ever hear the pronoun “I” in his carefully prepared sermons but he doesn’t shy from mentioning sin and hell, the need for frequent confession; and unpopular virtues, and the cost of discipleship; all said with great wit and kindliness. I would be glad to mention his name, but I don’t want to get him in trouble with his bishop.

  3. I only speak English.
    But if I were in St Peter’s Square when he does his Wednesday round in the popemobile, as he rolled by me, I would shout “ANATHEMA, ANTI-PAPA BERGOGLIO! VADE RETRO, SATANAS BERGOGLIO!”

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