JD Rucker responds to Biden’s Witch-Hunt Tirade against “Maga Republicans”

Editor’s Note: While I agree that the Globalists are launching an attack on anti-Globalists in the USA, I profoundly disagree that MAGA Republicans are the anti-Globalists, since they are controlled entirely by Skull and Bones, who funded Hitler and Stalin, founded the CIA, started an ideological war against the Catholic Church and founded the EU, the UN and the WEF. What is going on here is the Hegelian Manipulation that the Skull and Bones Lodge is famous for. Set up an enemy of the People and then set up a Savior of the People, so that in the process Christendom is further destroyed, citizens are further enslaved and the destruction goes forward while creating a narrative to excuse it. And whether one side wins or another, they win.  The real opposition are Christians who oppose Globalism with Christendom. We are the targets of both groups. This developing narrative of Maga vs AntiMaga is merely a cover for that war against us. — That Trump responded to this speech by Biden by citing the meaning of MAGA, you should see our series on that phrase and what it really means.

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3 thoughts on “JD Rucker responds to Biden’s Witch-Hunt Tirade against “Maga Republicans””

  1. I totally agree on your comments, brother Bugnolo.
    We are surrounded by evil. Dictators like Putin and XiPing, ‘Democratic chosen’ones like Trump, Biden an d many european presidents and puppets like Zelenovski and von der Leyden.
    Even the pope is fake.
    What can we do, but pray?

  2. Sorry, Marcel, biden was not at all democratically chosen: he stole the election and it was very visible on television………..

    he is just a creepy resident…… nothing more, nothing less.

    And who is Zelenovski? Do you mean weffer zelenski?

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