5 thoughts on “Russia, China, India: the New Axis Alliance of World War III?”

  1. India likes to be non-aligned, although it prefers the West. However right now Russia is providing India with bargain-price petroleum; and India needs Russia as a counterweight against their most feared enemy, China, who is always seeking to take more land from India’s northern borders.
    India’s foreign policy looks after its own self-interests, as it should. These interests are not permanent, they change according to current events and the balance of power in South Asia. England had the same strategy in its dealings with Europe; making alliances to keep the balance of power in Europe; sometimes allied with or against France, or Spain, or Netherlands.

  2. She’s INCORRECT…An old Book “Tragedy and Hope” by Dr. Carroll Quigley published in 1966 having over 1100 pages is quite the tomb. IT IS THE ESSENCE OF THE LAST WHOLE CENTURY of unification of all dark forces in the West beginning with the upper crust out of Oxford enjoining the extreme monied Sociopaths with the Demonic/Satanic Sociopathic of the Catholic Church and others…NOW ENCOMPASSING THE WORLD. Unlike when in university when it was necessary to consume the mundane ancestral lineages of the wealthy…Although, it can be interesting to comprehend the connections marrying these forces unto the present day from centuries past…It is possible to read ‘Tragedy and Hope 101 ‘ by Joseph Plummer as an abridged version. The minutiae is left out and it’s only about 200 pages. The current unification IS A PLAN TO FORCE THE U.S. into their ‘One World Govt’ WILLINGLY instead of by Conquest…But, THEY WILL IMPLEMENT CONQUEST IF THEY MUST TO ACQUIRE ABSOLUTE POWER OF THE WHOLE WORLD to enslave the masses. The current regime is WEAKENING THE U.S. according to their plan…To remove the strength of an ARMED SOCIETY READY TO FIGHT. Remove the morale of the ARMED…THAT is the phase we suffer right now.

    1. I believe every nation’s leader has been so for the past decade.
      Their hand signs reveal who they are pledged to ( Freemasonry ).

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