7 Signs that you have accepted the Antichrist as your savior

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is a lot of religious hypocrisy among Christians today. Hypocrisy consists in professing Jesus Christ but living according to the directions of the world, the flesh, or Satan. And alas, too many scoff that they are doing so.

Therefore, since as a son of St. Francis, I am obliged to announce: Death, Judgement Punishment and Reward, that is, the 4 Last things, which a Christian will know in the end, I will now solemnly announce to you all….


that is, each one of us at an hour and day unknown, and place unknown, will die. With each day and hour, that moment draws nearer. And we must be prepared….


that is, in the hour of our death, we are judged by Jesus Christ, to be found worthy of Him or worthy of eternal damnation. There is no middle ground.


that is, if we are found to be the enemies of God, hypocrites or possessed by any impure or sinful desire which prevailed over final repentance and the observance of God’s Law, we shall be sent down to Hell, there to be punished in infinite torment for all eternity and to experience imaginable horrors for having spurned the easy rules of the God of Love, our Creator. (More on this here) — Or if we be found to be the friends of God by repentance, but have debts to pay because we did not do penance for all the sins we repented of, then we will be held in Purgatory until we expiate that debt, or the prayers of the living release us.


that is, if you are found to be a true and spotless friend of Jesus Christ, who believed everything He taught, and was sorry for all your transgressions against His Words, then you will go to Heaven to enjoy the blessed Vision of God, the company of Angels and Saints, for all eternity

But alas,

Since we live in an age of deluded, self-loving hypocrisy, someone has to list some of the reasons we are instead headed to destruction…

So here goes,

The 7 Signs that you Serve the AntiChrist

1. You tell lies and do not care about the truth.

2. You live lies and do not care about living the truth. As for example, you divorced your spouse, you counsel your children to divorce, you live with another after a divorce, you use the powers of procreation for your own pleasure and not to have children, you willingly ignore the laws of the Church, the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Laws of God.

3. You attend Mass in communion with someone you know is a heretic. And you excuse your sin of spiritual fornication, by pretending that public worship is valid if you yourself participate, kind of like saying that sex is ok by yourself. That is how perverse this notion is.

4. You attend Mass in communion with someone you know is the Anti-Pope. And you excuse your sin of spiritual adultery, because you pretend that public worship is valid if you yourself participate regardless of with whom you do it, kind of like saying that you can fulfill your marriage debt with someone other than your spouse. That is how perverse this notion is.

5. You attend Mass with someone you know is an unrepentant idolator. And you excuse your sin of spiritual idolatry, because you pretend that public worship is valid so long as you worship God even if others round you worship Devils, kind of like saying that all religions are equal, what matters, is the devotion expressed in the act: that is how perverse this notion is.

6. You obey those who serve Satan and his minions, such as the Globalists or Freemasons. And you excuse your sin because you do not want to risk anything for God and are willing to deny him in deeds even when threatened with the smallest inconvenience. And you proved this by taking the DeathVaxx and wearing the DeathMask or taking the DeathSwab. But you prove this every election by voting for a party run by the sons of Satan, which is not consecrated to the Sacred Hearts, and which does not have the establishment of Christ’s Reign on Earth as its political objective.

7. You in nothing but words seek liberty from these 7 sins. You don’t repent, you only lament. And you excuse this, because you really love Satan, the spirit of rebellion and the lifestyle that they are imposing on humanity. You want more, so you refuse to get off the train bound for Hell.

And just as many have shown themselves willing to deny Jesus Christ during the Scamdemic, so now, Catholics who are repentant or who refused to deny him, must now do much more to serve him and make radical decisions to change course.


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51 thoughts on “7 Signs that you have accepted the Antichrist as your savior”

  1. You’re saying that an elderly parent (who believes Benedict is still Pope) without transportation goes to distant Sunday Mass with an adult child who thinks 1) maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, and 2) the adult child is OK with their own baptised children –the elderly parent’s apostate grandchildren–living in sin with their boyfriends or girlfriends, and never attending Sunday Mass — shouldn’t go to Mass, even though that’s the elderly parents’ only transportation? (Grandparent has spoken with adult child, and the grandchildren, that having sex outside marriage is mortal sin, which they don’t believe.)
    The Mass, BTW, is said by a Priest who thinks Bergoglio, however odious, is canonically pope. Elderly parent has presented evidence to priest that he’s an antipope, but priest doesn’t believe laypeople or even priests can judge Bergoglio an antipope; this must be decided by an irregular council of Cardinals, and he can do nothing until such an irregular council. He names Bergoglio in the Canon of the Mass.

    So (as I understand) according to your criteria, the elderly parent should stay home, completely missing Mass & communion for most of the year, because others of the family– to whom they have often said that fornication is a mortal sin– and are functional apostates? And avoid Mass said by a who Priest doesn’t believe Benedict is still Pope?

    As for political parties, I am not aware of ANY political party “consecrated to the Sacred Hearts, and which has the establishment of Christ’s Reign on Earth as its political objective”.
    I have always understood that in elections, a good Catholic has the duty to vote for the lesser of evils, when there are no good choices. Are you saying Catholics should completely abstain from voting for ANY political party, because there are globalists influencing all of them?
    It sounds as if you are letting the perfect be the enemy if not only of the good, but of the mediocre.
    Please clarify for the elderly parent who reads your blog?

    1. Yes,God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit And in truth. Not in half truths. If you disagree, please be sincere and chuck your Bible in the trash. Otherwise, chuck your pride, presumption and cobdumeristic view of religion in the trash.

      1. What does cobdumeristic mean? I will assume your spell check (like mine) mangled what you intended as “consumeristic”.
        We have an obligation to attend Sunday Mass, even if the priest mentions Bergoglio in the Canon of the Mass. Transportation is a big problem with older people, we often don’t have the luxury of going to a more distant parish in hopes of a “better” Mass.
        Is obeying that rule of the church a consumeristic view of religion?!

      2. I called it consumeristic, because in consumerism you only seek a product at a good price. You do not care where you get it from or who made it. True Religion does not work that way.

    2. Dear sister in Christ, recognize temptation for what they are: snares of Satan.

      Almost all faithful have been faced with that temptation now and many have they succumbed because they felt alone.

      Never give in to your children and grandchildren and tell. Tell them that perdition awaits them. It is painful but the bible said families will now be split 3 against 2. Parents against their children. Mother-in-laws against daughter-in-laws. Now is your great hour as Pope Benedict XVI said.

  2. This is the price to pay for Heaven, and it is cheap!!!

    Now I know why Cardinal Pell chose imprisonment than serving Bergoglio.

    We are BLESSED to be born in this era where we can see OBVIOUSLY the sons of Satan versus the sons of GOD.

  3. If you are espousing the true views of the Catholic Church, I fear I will not be able to abide it.
    Sign me sad.

    1. I believe this is where fraternal correction comes in.
      It is difficult because it takes time, which we have in limited resource. It also needs witnesses, which we are losing today because many are dying at this moment.

      Maybe, if that person is in the neighborhood, our priest advised to communicate with them and eventually tell that their action in the Church must be consistent with their action outside of the Church.

  4. According to your above statement, using the powers of procreation for pleasure and not to have children is unacceptable in the eyes of the church.

    It follows, then, that the only reason two people should marry is for the purpose of having children, because marriage sanctifies the procreative act, but if the procreative act is forbidden them because they are unable or unwilling to have children, then marriage between them is not only unnecessary, it is impossible, because the two cannot ” become one flesh”.

    If two people do not engage in the procreative act, they are then not married in the God-created sense of the word, but only friends or roommates.

    What you are saying here is that if, for instance, one partner in this proposed union is too old to have children, the marriage is not permissible in the eyes of the Church, and for the two parties to engage in a civil ceremony would be the height of hypocricy.

    I myself do not believe the teaching of the Church is Biblical on this subject, but neither would I be willing to agree to follow those teachings and then turn around and disregard them. Nor would I ask anyone else to.

    1. The Church believing that God can open the womb of the barren and bevome incarnate though a virgin does not set an age limit on marriage. Also, the duty is not to procreate but when one spouse asks, to come together in an act capable of procreation in the most fundamental general sense. However if one knows self to be biologically or physiologically or psychologically in capable of union or procreation but hides this before the marriage, the marriage is invalid. The Church knows that daints have obtained children for the barren by their intercessuon, for with God nothing is impossible. But obviously if you marry sokely for pleasure they you have not yet loved and you need to repent of your ifolatry of lust.

      1. You have to be a Catholic. And then you would have to find a monastery which accepts women older than 35, or women who were married once.

      2. There are only three actions that I know of that require marriage as a prerequisite: to have children, to have sex, and to prevent one spouse from having to testify against the other in a court of law (in America).

        All other actions that two people can commit together can be facilitated in some other way, such as by legal contract. If, according to you, the first two are actually the same, since the intention to procreate is the only acceptable reason for having sex, then if one is not intending to have children, one should not marry. Unless one intends to commit a crime with another person as a witness.

        Thank you so much for clarifying your stance on marriage. It is much appreciated. Since I have no intention whatsoever of having any more children, or of committing any crimes, then it seems that I can strike marriage off my to do list permanently.

      3. Marriage is not an obligation. Many need it to save their souls from the sins of impurity they would commit outside of marriage. So for 98% of Christians during some years of their life, its a necessity.

      4. Looks to me as if it’s just as easy to commit sins of impurity within marriage as without, according to the Church.

        I personally have no problem with celibacy, but if I were to marry again, it would not be to someone who regards the enjoyment of sex a sin.

        I am 74 and thank God quite often that my childbearing years are over. If I caught anyone praying intercessorily for me to get pregnant, I would give them a swift kick in the derriere!

        I suspect that there is a signal lack of understanding of the mystery of marriage amongst the clergy of the Catholic church. (No surprises there.) God creates a third entity by binding two people spiritually, emotionally and physically. Unless you have experienced it, there is no way you can possibly understand it. That’s why Paul calls it a mystery. Sexual union is a very important part of that experience. Without it, there is no true marriage.

      5. Nothing of what I said, means that one must regard sexual pleasure as a sin. It is only a sin outside of its God-willed context, the marriage of one man and one woman coming together in the way that can conceive life.

    2. Deborah, you did understand correctly; all married couples are to be open to children. If you or your spouse are willing but unable, then you have committed no sin; if you or your spouse or unwilling and you choose to impede the ability to conceive, then sadly, you are committing a grave sin. That has always been the teaching of the Church; it did not change when you got married. Repent, God is merciful.

  5. Brother Bugnolo: Shouldn’t you cite authority to back up your statements? I do not like to attend Bergoglian masses but in the country I’m located that is the only option. If I know with certainty that I cannot attend then I will not attend anymore. From what I understand from your post the Bergoglio Mass is ilicit but valid then we can’t attend. But do you know an autoritive source that says this? Is it licit to approach sacraments that we have doubts about their lawfulness? Because everybody aware of the pope issue found himself at least in this last scenario. These are the questions I have . Thank you for your clarifications.

    1. You are absolutely right! Never take the word of anyone alive, always search the writings of the Saints and especially of the Doctors of the Church. I believe what I have said above is in accord with the doctrine presented by St. Alphonsus dei Liguori, cited here


      I stick with his opinions and I intend to hold to them in everything I write.

      1. From the link you provide: “. . . Here is Saint Alponsus teaching, which regards clergy who are public sinners or excommunicated or under some censure. He does not speak of heretics, of whom it is the teaching of the Church at all times, that we cannot receive any Sacrament from CONDEMNED heretics.” [all caps mine, as I have no underline function here. I think St Alphonsis means a heretic condemned by his local Ordinary, or the Pope.]
        Since my parish priest, a good man, (though he thinks the Declaratio is valid) is not a *condemned* heretic, I (and many others) need not scruple about giving scandal by fulfiling my Sunday Mass obligation, a duty which binds under penalty of mortal sin . I have certainly said to my family in no uncertain terms that Benedict is still Pope, so I have not caused scandal by seeming to accept Bergoglio as pope.
        Now for this, you may call me “consumeristic” about religion, and who knows, (despite the fact that you don’t know me personally), you may be right. BUT;
        according to St Alphonsis, it’s not mortal sin; and that’s all that matters.
        I prefer to attend Mass with a priest who names Benedict in the Canon, and. wouldl if I can 1) find one locally and 2) get transportation to it.
        But it would be against my conscience, and harmful to my spiritual welfare, if I stopped attending Sunday Mass just because the celebrant doesn’t name the right pope. Beggars can’t be choosers. Such are the times in which we live.

      2. Clergy in union with an antipope are ipso facto EXCOMMUNICATED by canon 1364 and must be regarded as such, that is grave public sinners, by all in communion with the true Pope: so your inference which you draw from my commentary, is wrong.

      3. You hold to be in the same spiritual society as the other person. If he be of Hell, then of Hell. If he be of Heaven, then of Heaven.

      4. What about Saint Catherine of Siena? The Masses She frequented during the schism, were they told.in communion with the pope in Avignone or with the antipope in Rome? Since Siena Is in Italy, I think many masses were in communion with the antipope. Did She ever talk about this issue? Thank you.

      5. Quite the Contrary. St. Catherine of Siena is a patron saint of those who refuse to attend masses in communion with an antipope. Her city embraced the antipope and was put under interdict by the true Pope. So she walked 10 miles to Mass as often as she could, so as to arrive at an ecclesiastical jurisdication where mass could be said in communion with the true Pope.

    1. As St. Thomas Aquinas says, adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, even with a Host consecrated by a priest who is in schism, is morally licit at all times. Thus we can bow our heads or genuflect even when passing an Orthodox Church or finding ourselves in one, before the Altar (they do not have tabernacles separate from the Altar). However, as St. Alphonsus dei Liguori says, we must avoid giving the impression that priests in schism are not in schism, so we do wrong if we prefer the Adoration of our Lord in the Sacrament in a Church in schism to a Church not in Schism. I highly recommend visiting our Lord wherever He is found, because He is much more a victim of this papal schism that any of us, and has to endure daily being Crucified again by bad priests and bad laity and religious. In a Bergoglian Church, Our Lord in the Tabernacle, is Our Lord in the prison of Pontius Pilate the globalist puppent of that age. How sad, and there are so few to console Him.

  6. Question on confession. If I want to go to confession and the only thing I know about the priest I am going to for confession is that he mentions the anti-pope in the canon of the mass, is that confession valid to me?

    In another case, if I go to confession to a parish where I do not attend mass, so I do not know which person the priest mentions in the canon (probably the anti-pope), but the church has been a Catholic parish for years, is the confession valid for me or am I committing another sin by avoiding the question of who the priest follows?

    1. Confession differs from Communion, because that a priest have valid faculties to absolve you of mortal sin, it is necessary that he be validly ordained and incardinated in a diocese or religious institute. For this, if the priest be misinformed or too poor of intellect to understand that Benedict XVI is still the pope, and if he publicly rejects the errors of Bergoglio, then he can validly hear and absolve your sins. This is because the act of confession does not posit per se an act of communion with the Pope, but depends on the power of the priesthood which he received when he was ordained directly from Jesus Christ. However, if you only have venial sins to confess, you would sin mortally by going to the same priest for confession, because you have no grave need to do so and thus you risk giving scandal by approving his ignorance, even if for him it is not a sin. And if you are not sure your sin is mortal or venial, then presume it is mortal, because unless you are always accusing yourself of sins which do not exist, when you have such a state of mind, its probably because there is some good reason to consider it to be mortal.

      1. Thank you so very much for this discussion, especially the clarification on confession. I have been terrified to go to confession as I didn’t know if it would be legitimate. Thank you and bless you! Also I am so very grateful for the information on attending mass. I have been trying to go to the Latin mass at different churches but at the last church I went to, they did not fill the Holy fonts and they had a large portrait of Bergoglio hanging. Therefore I am still looking.

  7. This is the problem with the years and generations since Vatican 2 that have not been well formed in the Faith. There is so much we don’t know, we don’t know what we don’t know and the confusion is at an all time high. I will read the link brother gives and pray very hard for wisdom and discernment bc I go to daily Mass and am heartbroken to have to stop but I will if it is Gods Holy Will. Please pray for me and all True Catholics who are desperately seeking Truth to be guided and comforted by the Holy Spirit. May Christ the King bless and protect us all who love and desire to serve Him. Pray pray pray

    1. Hebrews 10:25- …not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much more as ye see the Day approaching.

      If you are unable to go to church for any reason, it is important that you do not become a solitary Christian. The devil finds stray lambs to be easy pickings.

      You can meet with friends who are also Christians to study the Word and pray to our Father. Then Jesus will be in the midst of you. (Matthew 18:21)

      1. A Christian is never alone, because the Angels and Saints and the Lord Himself is every present to help and guide him. But Catholics pray together the Rosary or other such devotions. When the world was Catholic, there were images of Jesus and the Saints on public streets, chapels on every corner, so we always had occasions to raise our minds to God.

    1. No, at no time in 5 months was I required to take the DeathSwab or wear the DeathMask or be asked about the DeathVaxx in Ukraine. It’s a truly sane nation. they never required it, less than 10% are DeathVaxxed. That is why Russia was ordered to destroy its people. They also are marrying and having children at a rate about 5 times men killed or wounded. Its a vibrant nation of normalacy, that is why in the West it is accused of being fascist.

      1. Br Bugnolo,
        You stated in one of your videos that you thought it might be necessary to return to the US because the war might spread to the rest of Europe. I’m not hearing as much about the war as I did before. Do you still expect it to spread?

      2. I do expect it to spread. But the question is how extensive it may be. As for whether I would return to the USA on that account, I am still seeking the will of the Lord in prayer about that.

  8. Btw, I hope you realize that even if I don’t agree with everything you say, I have the greatest respect for the depth of your knowledge. I very much appreciate your willingness to answer my questions. Thank you.

    1. I have also learned- the hard way- to seek the will of God before I embark on any major change in my life.

      After all, “who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” God knows.

  9. All of the churches in my large city name Francis in the canon of the mass. Even the nearby SSPX chapel does. So I should stop going to mass? I thought not going to mass on Sunday was a mortal sin.

    1. Not to go to Mass on Sunday ( in communion with the true Pope) is a mortal sin. You were never taught the words in parentheses….

      Also you were never taught that to go to a mass in communion with a heretic, schismatic, apostate or antipope is a mortal sin.

      1. I don’t think I will be converting to Catholicism. It’s too darned complicated for a simple country girl like me. Too much stuff to memorize.

        I have enjoyed a close relationship with my Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for the last 38 years. I am content to rest in His/Their hands.

      2. Maybe resting in God’s Hands means using your memory to investigate the truth about the Church He literally and physically and personally founded before He ascended back into Heaven, to whose bishops He said, He who hears you, Hears Me!

      3. Warning against those in Communion with the Anti Church.

        Commit mortal sin for 9 years straight and demons will start infesting your household and your soul.

        Not to mention your soul will be in perdition.

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