The Church of Bergoglio is the Church of Sodom & Gomorrah

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


The plot against Pope Benedict XVI has come full circle. Launched in the year he punished Cardinal McCarrick in private, the front man for the Vatican putsch, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has finally achieved step-by-step what they conspirators wanted, the rehabilitation of serial homosexual pedophiles and rapists and groomers in the Sacred Hierarchy.

Pope Benedict XVI had expelled more of them from the priesthood than any pope in history, as he finds them to be a disgusting blight on the Church. For these creeps, he was a persona non toleranda (not to be tolerated), and had to go.

The entire hunt for pedo priests which secular media and governments have undertaken for 20+ years so publicly was not to end this problem, but rather to rattle the cage of these creeps in the Church and let them know that unless they do the will of international Freemasonry and take down the Church from within, their number is up. This is how Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama suborned this faction and got them to orchestrate the “New Springtime” in the Catholic Church.

And if I am correct on my analysis, the rehabilitation of Cardinal McCarrick is a sign that Bergoglio is about to leave, stage left and hell bound. McCarrick is not some nobody Cardinal, he must be a high priest in some Satanic clique, very high up, to have such strong and persevering allies.

Remember this when you think to attend a mass in communion with the true Pope who opposed these creeps or the false one who rehabilitates them, because in the hour of your death, if your choice is the latter, your use of such excuses for such effrontery to God will no longer have any effectiveness.

Masons know whom not to tolerate in their own causes. And on our side of the fence, only the Saints know who should never be tolerated. We should imitate the latter if we do not want to end up in the Hell created for the former.

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15 thoughts on “The Church of Bergoglio is the Church of Sodom & Gomorrah”

  1. It seems to me that Sodom and Gamorrah weren’t as bad as the Vatican cesspool simply because the sinners of the debauched cities of the plain were only pagan laypeople, — not clergy and prelates. . .

  2. Absolutely CORRECT. And, thanks to the good religious like you Br. Bugnolo, it’s an easy choice to make. Religious like you keep us honest and lead the way towards healing and creating better people even beyond the Catholic Church; as all of us most certainly should. We can celebrate the fact of the cancelled religious now having more support than they used to. Just read about an old Monastery being remodeled in northern IN for cancelled Priests and it looks to have once been a lovely and peaceful place in the middle of the rural Midwest. We have religious ready to step into the shoes of the unfaithful and Satanic to remake and rebuild the Church.

  3. “When they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the bottomless pit will make war on them [the two witnesses] and conquer them and kill them, and their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city that is prophetically called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.” Revelation 11:7-9

    Sodom: Obviously the homosexualists.
    Egypt: the secret sect, so fond of “Egyptian” things.

    We are living in that “great city” until Christ comes in glory.

  4. That practice of covering up satanic abuse/rituals is fought by many in several countries, like by Huig Plug in the Netherlands
    in connection with the story of Lisa, whose father got her pregnant. He is Tim Vos, a lawyer. Her mother, lawyer as well, divorced him after finding out what he did to their daughter.
    What he did to his (grand)child will not be mentioned here:
    it is too sick and cruel.
    And seen the protection for these kind of people, like also Joris Demmink, by the pedo-cabinet of mark r., those who try to expose them keep being sent to jail, at the command of the r. club, like happened several times to Huig Plug over the last few years: fortunately Huig is made out of ‘good wood’: he does not give in to these crooks.
    Lisa’s mother was kicked out as a lawyer by the national lawyers chamber……… just for telling the truth, standing up for her daughter.
    All this is happening in flower, mills and wooden shoes country the Netherlands, and in many more area’s of the world, including in underground corridors connecting several cities in Europe, including under the Zandvoort circuit………

  5. Hno. Alexis buenas tardes,
    Desde Bogotá Colombia, a donde ir a la Eucaristía
    si las parroquias todas nombran a Bergoglio como papa, y al asistir entonces, estaremos en comunión con él??
    Un saludo,

      1. Br. Bugnolo

        Jose from Bogotá Colombia asks where should one go to mass, if all masses name Pope Francis as Pope? I have the same problem in the Basque Country.

      2. There are priests in both countries which offer mass in communion with Pope Benedict. Ask for directions in the comments sections of these channels… on youtube.

        Radio Rosa Mistica Columbia

        Auturo Periodista

  6. Cardinal McCarrick, too? He was laicized, wasn’t he, to avoid Bergoglio having to try him? Or was the reference a mix up?

    Where is Mr. McCarick these days?

  7. Last week I noticed that the only other priest who says Holy Mass una cum Benedicto on the island here concelebrated Holy Mass with the Bergoglio appointed bishop, together with many other priests. I have questioned him for it. No reply.

    He has signed Estefania Acosta’s Declaratio. .. SAD

    1. Maybe the bishop has in private agreed that Benedict XVI may be the pope. If so, he is not in forma schism. As for his appointment> the usurpation of episcopal sees after 90 days, without protest of the prior occupant, becomes moot and canon law makes the usurper the valid occupant.

      1. To agree in private that BXVI may be the pope and to say public Mass una com Bergoglio ?

        Is Bergoglio the valid occupant of the see of Rome after nine years without protest of BXVI ?

      2. A priest stands before the face of God as His ambassador on Earth. How can he imagine that God will take lightly such perfidy in His very Presence. Some sins are the worst of all, and those that mock the Lord to His face are at the top of the list.

  8. We are obviously in the final stages of the reign of the masonic anti pope Bergoglio.

    Sometimes ,I wonder why the almighty Father would allow such a creature to get to the top of the Church and make a mockery of the faith that Jesus instructed the apostles with.

    As so often happens God uses evil to obtain greater good. It should be obvious to any catholic that values his faith that Bergoglio is doing everything he can to bring down the church and cause a schism. He is therefore a heretic and an apostate and nothing he says is valid. He is not the pope period.

    I hope and pray for faithful members of the church like Brother Bugnolo to produce good fruits for the catholic faithful.

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