8 thoughts on “Washington D. C. Archdiocese put him in charge of protecting Catholic Children, and the rest is history”

  1. That’s the poor of the parish in Washington DC where they collect millions in donations during their annual dinner for the poor of the parish with politicians and wealthy business men!

  2. He is …I cant even think of a word to describe how idiotic and evil this is ..

    He has darkened every corner of his conscience

  3. The levels of corruption in the church of nice have reached a new maximum year after year. Quo usque tandem, Domine?

    1. Archbishop Fulton Sheen correctly prophesized that as the “Church of the Antichrist” which springs from the loins of The Church.

  4. I was wondering why practicing homosexuals ( LGBTQ ) are called liars among men in book of the Apocalypse and this explains it.

    What is worse is if you put them in charge of educating children which has happened slowly over the past 30 – 40 years.

  5. No words…………..

    And a prayerrequest for the soul of the abucted and most likely murdered sparkling wife and mother, Eliza Fletcher, 34 and for her surviving husband, children and other loved ones.

  6. “The findings released pinned much of the blame on Pope John Paul II, who appointed McCarrick archbishop of Washington, D.C., despite having commissioned an inquiry that confirmed McCarrick slept with seminarians.”
    – So was JPII blackmailed into this? It would seem he may have been. But what about Vigano. Was he naive?


    I looked for Wuerl info, but nothing appeared. Maybe I don’t know where to look. Isn’t he still in DC doing something?

  7. The parable of the field as Jesus explains,” … weeds grew in the field, … and the Master told them, the enemy has sown this … wait till the time of harvest … to separate the wheat from the weeds.”
    The wheat will be harvested.
    The weeds will be burnt into the fire.

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