How Catholics can save the Church from Bergoglio & the Globalists

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The sense of hopelessness arises in a mind which does not know the solution, or which lacks the courage to execute it. But whereas I cannot give you courage — you must ask the Lord of Hosts for that — I can remind you of the way to the solution.

St. Athanasius gave us the example, when the Church in his days was overrun by Arian heretics. They went so far as to get him expelled from his diocese of Alexandria, several times!

But did he retire, write a book and attend conferences to sell it? Like so many cancelled Bishops and priests and religious do?

Not at all.

He became an even more fierce warrior.

He traveled the Empire of Rome visiting dioceses which had no Catholic Bishop, because the Bishop they had had embraced the Arian heresy, or because the people and clergy had elected an Arian to lead them.

In these Dioceses, St. Athanasius publicly called the Faithful together, denounced Arianism, exhorted them to chose a Catholic as a Bishop, and when elected, consecrated him as their Bishop.

This shows the radical difference between St. Athanasius and Donatists, who separated themselves and remained separate and local forever.

It also shows what is radically not-Catholic in the behavior of so many self-styled Traditionalists, who, as in the case of the SSPX or sedevacantists, get their men validly consecrated as Bishops or ordained as priests, but stay apart and run their own private associations and club-chapels.

In every diocese of the Catholic Church, there are 3 present situations:

Either the diocese has no bishop, because he retired or died, and none yet has been appointed.

Or, the diocese has a Bishop appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, John Paul II, or if they are one of the 23 Eastern Rites, by the vote of the Metropolitan Council (approved by one or the other of these popes).

Or the diocese has a Bishop appointed by the Anti-Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who parades around the world as Pope Francis, though he has no more authority than a dried fig.

In all such dioceses, Catholics can do something to restore their local Church to communion with Pope Benedict XVI.

And they have the natural, divine and canonical right to act seeing that Pope Benedict XVI on Feb. 11, 2013 declared his see impeded, renounced the petrine ministry, and put the Church into a State of Emergency, as his own secretary confirmed at the Gregorian University in the spring of 2016.


In dioceses in which there is no bishop, Catholics can publicly gather and elect their own bishop. They have this right because the Apostolic See is impeded and because there is no other way to have a bishop, but to elect one by the local faithful resident in the Diocese, they may resort to this means as a self-defense (natural right), as an exercise of subsidiarity by divine right (when the higher power in the Mystical Body fails, the lower can exercise that power), and for the salvation of souls which is the highest law of the Church (canonical right), since the local Church cannot exist in good health and persevere without its own head, a Bishop.

In dioceses, where there is a bishop, appointed by the Anti-pope, then can publically call him out, explain why he has no right to the Bishopric and if he fails to return to communion with Pope Benedict XVI in 90 days, proceed to elect a Catholic man, who is celibate, to be their Bishop.

In dioceses, where there is a bishop, appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, they can publicly call him back to communion with the Pope, and if he fails to return to communion in 90, publicly declare him in schism from the Apostolic See, and proceed to the election of a catholic.

All this could have been done as early as Feb. 29, 2013.

And there is no need to wait for the death or restoration of Pope Benedict XVI.

There is in particular, no need to wait the election of Pope Benedict’s successor or Bergoglio’s death or faux resignation.

So the duty and burden of responsibility is entirely on Catholics in every diocese.

As for getting the men elected consecrated as Catholic Bishops: any bishop can do this, whether retired, or not. There are Bishops publicly and privately in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. They can act, and they should act.  Also, because the Apostolic See is impeded, any Catholic bishop elect has the authority to reconcile to the Catholic Church any validly consecrated schismatic Bishop, and then have him consecrate him the Bishop of the diocese for which he has been elected. — This St. Alphonsus dei Liguori says is licit, in the case in which there is no Catholic Bishop(s) to do the consecration. And that a Bishop elect, not yet consecrated, has power of jurisdiction is an old principle established by the practice of the Apostolic See, both in regard to the election of laymen as Roman Pontiffs, and the appointment of non-Bishops to episcopal sees in remote lands.

So what are you waiting for?

Why have you not acted? Perhaps no one told you this.

Now you know.

And start organizing delegations to go to pro-Benedict Bishops to get these Catholic men consecrated.

If we mobilize, we can restore the hierarchy in less than 1 YEAR.

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24 thoughts on “How Catholics can save the Church from Bergoglio & the Globalists”

  1. Hi Br Bugnolo

    Here in the Basque country one of the Bishops (Don Mario Iceta) was appointed to another diocese, but before he left, he consecrated a new Bishop. Is this new bishop legitimate?

    1. It matters what you mean by legitimate? Often dioceses have auxiliary bishops, nominated by the Pope. The custom continued under Bergoglio. Legitimate technically means, in accord with legal right, as opposed to lawful, in accord with written law, or licit, in accord with the moral law.

      1. Who appointed him? Has he fallen into schism from the Roman Pontiff, Benedict XVI. If he was not appointed by JP2 or B16 he was never your lawful bishop, and if he fell into schism by negligence or bad will, in virtue of canon 1364 he is no longer your legitimate bishop.

  2. With this concept,
    —I visualise the plot of a noirish-novel, set in a fictional midwestern diocese; a new lavender-leaning bishop inspiring some retired priests to publish a manifesto nominating a saintly hermit to be bishop; spreading this campaign via twitter & Facebook to rally the faithful. The laity elect the hermit.
    Next, a siege of the local chancery to evict the faux-bishop, who excommunicates all disturbing the peace, He calls the mayor who authorises riot control.
    The protestors are tear-gassed, the demonstration is dispersed, and the hapless hermit-bishop is jailed for disturbing the peace. The climax is two simultaneous civil and canonical courtroom dramas over which bishop has the legal right to occupy the diocese’s real estate and financial assets.

    The book is made into an Ealing type black-comedy, and wins honourable mention at the Sundance Film Festival.

    1. Reflect one moment on how your knee jerk reaction to my proposal is exactly the kind of sentimental response the Globalists would love you to have. And ask yourself how profoundly you have been manipulated by their propaganda during your whole lifetime to get you to react like that.

  3. Brother Bugnolo, at your earliest convenience, please publish citations for your readers regarding Church teaching, Canon Law, etc., for what you wrote. Armed with that knowledge, it would make it much easier to approach both prelates and clerics.

    1. The priest I once talked to suddenly fell dead silent when Canon 332 s 2 was mentioned and told me to throw my phone.

  4. And, how many of us know enough about Canon Law to know whatever of what you write? I sure don’t…

  5. “2. Furthermore, each and everything set forth definitively by the Magisterium of the Church regarding teaching on faith and morals must be firmly accepted and held; namely those things required for the holy keeping and faithful exposition of the deposit of faith; therefore, anyone who rejects propositions which are to be held definitively sets himself against the teaching of the Catholic Church.[new]”

    The problem is only the vote of those who remain in Communion with Christ and the validly elected Popes, remain in Communion with Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church, Through The Unity Of The Holy Ghost.

    Only a True Pope can do The Consecration Of Russia to Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart exactly as Our Blessed Mother requested.

    “For the Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter that by His revelation they might make known new doctrine, but that by His assistance they might inviolably keep and faithfully expound the Revelation, the Deposit of Faith, delivered through the Apostles. ”

    Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, must be moved to a safe location so that he has the freedom to speak with the Faithful regarding the situation that exists regarding a schismatic “pope”, who, having denied The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, has separated himself from Christ and every other validly elected Pope, and thus from The One Body Of Christ, Through The Unity Of The Holy Ghost.

  6. I posted this on several social media, and will keep you posted on any comments.
    The one that I anticipate is: “Why doesn’t Br. Bugnolo set an example and start preaching “exemplo” at Rome what he preaches “verbo” to all the dioceses ?

  7. Dear Brother,
    If the bishop does not public denounce Bergoglio after 9 years, is he already excommunicated as per canon 1364?

    Should I flee from him and call him out as a heretic if he is saying Bergoglio in public and saying “Pope Benedict” in private (non-recorded) discussions? I thought this action might be called Hegelian dualism…

    1. He must be presumed a schismatic. But since Bishops after Vatican II can be presumed to be “yes” men, he may be laboring under such a strongly invincible ignorance that there is some good faith remaining in him. However, de facto he is in schism even if he does not intend it, just as de facto, any Bishop in communion with the Patriarch of Moscow is presumed in schism with Rome, due to the schism existing between those Churches.

  8. Now I realize why Mama Mary called the sins that send many to hell are these two: sins of omission and lust.

    Lust, the easiest and fastest sin to go to hell.

    Sin of Omission, because those who see, look the other way while their neighbors are running straight to hell.

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