4 thoughts on “Europeans protesting among outrageous energy prices”

  1. The energy / food shortage engineered by the NWO has more than one goal: 1) cull population, purging it of “useless eaters”.
    2) antagonize civilian populations around the world to energy/ food riots . These riots will justify Martial Law, and suspension of Constitutional civil and human rights. Presto! the NWO has accomplished the one world government.
    Next step? 4) one world religion, headed by the NWO’s masonically controlled “Pope” 5) Introduction of the One World Government’s president, *the Antichrist*.

  2. It’s about time we begin to hunt down the Globalist Nazi-Communists, indict them and try them before legally executing them. THIS happening around the FREE WORLDIS ABSURD. Everybody knows those behind this tyranny and it’s not going to take much more time for people to FIGHT BACK IN VERY REAL WAYS. U.N. Military isn’t big enough to FIGHT THE WHOLE WORLD concurrently, although, the level of LAUNDERED Taxpayer $$$ going to the Globalists in the guise of the Russo/Ukraine War is EXTREME. Where are all those Billions going?

  3. This is not good. The fact that people are not willing to suffer some to allow the West to continue squeezing Russia is worrying. It is clear that most people do not recognize the Russian threat.

    1. Russia will invades Rome as prophecies of Fatima foretold.

      Visionaries saw the destruction of Europe too, and it is close.

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