The Great Reset: We are already caged animals…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Reflecting on the events of the last 3 years, I begin with this article a series of reflections on the Great Reset: the Armageddon which has begun against humanity by the adherents of Lucifer.

And the first thing we need to recognize, to understand how imminent this danger is to each of us, is that, the very architecture of law, society, economics, propaganda, psychology and fake religion is the very cage in which they will enslave us.

Yes, we are already caged animals.

And we prefer our peanut delivery system, to true freedom in the wild.

I use this metaphor to shock you to the consideration of this stunning fact: that other than talk, we have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to decrease the power of or break free from the Globalist Agenda 2030 which is heading out way like a speeding train.

And the Globalists know this. They are chuckling to themselves as they see all the loud mouths against the Scamdemic buckle under and accept such high energy costs, that these alone will enable the future they are planning: owning nothing, and being happy. Happy that you have a crumb-job of a slave in your own home town, because you ca no longer travel out of town. You will say in 10 years, better a slave, than to starve to death.

When up to 90% of energy prices is simply imposed taxes, and no one, but myself is calling that out — namely, that any politician can simply call for removing the taxes during the present energy crisis, but none does — and no anti-globalist organization are even suggesting such a thing…. when all this is happening, it is pretty darn clear that there is NO opposition to globalism. The talking heads during the Scamdemic who whined from one day to another about censorship are totally oblivious to what is going on. The fools believe that the Scamdemic was the whole thing. They are obsessedly focused now on the DeathVaxx consequences and don’t even care to take notice of how the gates of eternal enslavement are closing on them.

The inability to recognize that you are in a prison might be attributed to total ignorance or stupidity, depending on whether it is based on a lack of information or unawareness.

But knowing that your enemy has set a date for your slavery, and watching the fencing become every tighter round you, that is folly and insanity.

So globalism marches on, because we are already in a cage, and 99.99% of those complaining about it are quite content to remain there.

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14 thoughts on “The Great Reset: We are already caged animals…”

  1. What I see is that people do not have anything to fight for. The younger generation does not have/want children or family (or any greater purpose), the older generation does not want to risk their income and risk their children’s “future”. There is no patriotism, no self-respect because dignity, according to common belief, is just a social construct not given to us by God (and this, in part, because of all the fake science that they have been thought us, which has no other purpose but to tell us that we are not loved by God because we are but dust in an infinite space, this is a whole other dimension of the lie, Wolfgang Smith has good books about this topic). Most people, including clergy, do not believe in truth, or reason. They just go with the flow, to put it in words. My parents, which among the N.O. Catholics are objectively the best you can have nowadays, are excommunicated according to what you have said because I constantly tell them about the Pope Issue. And they prefer to ignore the problem, especially because they belong to the Opus Dei. The battle cannot be harder, impossible without divine intervention in my opinion. Also, there is this other problem of isolation, physically and in beliefs. I do not know anybody in none of the 3 countries I have lived in that have the beliefs necessary to do something. On the positive side, the youth is so lost and deprived of any belief and goal worth living for (because family is almost destroyed, and any goal higher than to have a family is unknown) that if you can reach them you will have the best warriors because you will give them the most glorious purpose (to fight for the glory of God) after being starved of meaning. Now how to reach that youth? This is just my opinion.

    1. The youth will soon make the choice, when they see the prophecies of Medjugorje happen.

      The bright indestructible sign in the sky will test whether they choose Jesus or not.

  2. Hi Br. Alexis. I agree with your statements. This is all very obvious for some time now. My question is, what can we do about it? What are the ways to oppose, how can we stop, what is being done to us? People talk, march, sometimes even fight, and then one by one, those, who did try to do something, go silent. Movements, like for instance yellow wests, accomplish nothing. There’s lack of leadership, leaders, as soon as they expose themselves, are being disabled (remember truckers?). What can be done Br. Alexis? Those who rule, they know, how to silence opposition, and they do it, day in day out.

    1. I think these reactionary movements will fail and have failed, because they come from citizens with the verve, but without clear knowledge about what is happening. To take down the Globalists humanity will need real resistence movements of the kind which fought Hitler in France or Stalin in Poland.

  3. On this day, our mother used to have her birthday.
    The day of light was taken from her by a few psychopaths in/outside of our family: she was abducted from her beautiful
    house, against all laws, and after payment of bribes, as one grandson suggested, to a ‘home’, illegally de facto incarcerated there. She was very sad to not be free anymore: she said to me:
    ‘I want to be free, just like you’: it cut through my soul.

    And I consider it as one of the huge failures in my life, that I was unable to save her from the claws of these psychopaths.
    At one point, a director of that institution, when she was supposed to go with me and another person outside of that
    ‘jail’ asked me: will you bring her back? I said: if she wants to go back here, I will bring her back. And then, though not having any legal authority about this, he did not allow her to leave the
    facility. That shows that he knew very well she would not want to come back!

  4. I think there are many actions that can be taken to destroy The Great Reset, and Brother Alexis has referred to a number of them.

    In his video ‘when the flu season comes the chaos begins ” , in 2021 , Brother Alexis told his listeners to flee the cities, and arm themselves, as instructed by Our Lord in the New Testament.

    This is sound advice as the urban areas in all countries are set up to be the spiders nest of the great reset, where people will be tracked and monitored , and subject to the police state. There will be no freedom here with a digital economy .It will be hell on Earth.

    There is also no doubt that there will be violent persecution of Christians so we should be prepared to shed blood to defend our faith . This action is justified, given the depth of pure evil being forced on us. The freemasons in government and the military intend to exterminate the Christians completely.

    When the covid vaxxed begin to die and economic collapse happens, there will be massive unrest and food shortages in the cities , exactly what the globalists want. This is yet another reason to live in a rural area where food can be sourced.

    Every system devised by man based on tyranny can be defeated. True catholics and Christians must form large self sufficient communities outside the control of the globalists and create their own economic alternatives .

    Finally, in the flu season comes video ,Brother Alexis urges people to pray the rosary. This is the most powerful spiritual weapon against the devil and his servants in the WEF . Even non catholics can learn to pray it.

    Every time Our Lady has appeared on this earth since the 13th century, when she gave the rosary to St Simon Stock, she is calling for the rosary as the most important prayer for our times. If enough people prayed it, Russia and the world would be converted, and the great reset destroyed.

    The answers to our problems are staring us in the face.

    1. A world wide daily perpetual Rosary asking Our Lady to crush Globalism and Freemasonry, would be a great start! We will know we have a Saint on the Apostolic Throne when he declares one…

  5. It is a twisted game they are playing….and with our lives. We must pray and be steadfast in our faith not fear because no matter what happens we know our forever home will be glorious.
    Knowing that, we can all step out with the armor of God in whatever ways we can to resist, and battle the walls like Jericho. Join in prayer and rejoice in winning because the body of Christ is more powerful than any serpent.

  6. No child, daughter or son of God will ever be (like) a caged animal, how much the satanic weffers would like to implant that thought in us.

    It will never really happen!

    These devils know they have but a short time and that short time is about up. The devils know this as well as we do:
    they are frantically trying to ‘keep up the appearances’,
    but to no avail…..
    The more they work their bud off, the more we can peacefully
    do our things ………

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