6 thoughts on “Russia moves to a war-economy”

  1. How long can Putin pay for the war?
    One source says 10 months…. but that sounds unrealistic given Putin’s decisions.

    1. Putin is making money by selling oil to China and other countries (India?) who don’t care one way or the other about Ukraine. So yes, he can “fund” weapons for the war.
      BUT — he’s been spendthrift of his cannon-fodder, (50K+ casualties, not counting wounded) and I read elsewhere that now the army is recruiting, veterans, teen-agers, and wounded still recovering from combat.
      Russia’s birthrate is less than replacement level; one has to wonder how long can he maintain troop numbers this way?
      Conscripted Chechens, etc, and Afghan & other Muslim “volunteers” don’t make good Russian Army soldiers.

      1. I spent some time calculating how sustainable Putin’s war effort is. He is selling oil to China and India but at a 35$/barrel discount, which at current price levels (90$) is about 65$ but with a production cost of 42$ that is only a margin of 23$/barrel. Production has declined 3% so he is not offsetting the lower price with higher volumes.

        So the income he is generating is the same he had before the war, but now he has the added cost of the war which is 330M$/day. He has 350B$ in financial reserves so that means he can spend 3 years paying for this war.

        I pray and hope the West will have the spine to continue to support Ukraine for the next 3 years,….And now China is trying to start a second front in Taiwan….





      2. I believe that minerals in Russia are all state owned, so his financial reserves are much greater. In fact, I read that he had 550 Billion in gold alone.

  2. Right…Russia exports higher than EVER before and the mega-billions being STOLEN and LAUNDERED inder the guise of War is going somewhere to benefit the Globalist Agenda of World Take Over…The U.S. has ALWAYS FIANCIALLY COVERED THE Socio/Philanthropathic in the rest of the world for just a few pennies on the $ to the TREASONOUS, CORRUPT Prostitute Politicians/Deep State. Even the Vatican is ON THE PREDATOR PAYROLL under the guise of HELPING THE INSURGENTS they define Migrants.

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