USA: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms Christian right to denounce Perversions

Editor’s Note: Love has triumphed! The true love which perverts have not known and which they reject. Love is not about narcissistic predation, exploitation, manipulation, abuse, rape, or weaponized sex. Love is about a mutual exchange of life giving affection which is willed by the Creator, who empowers it, to bring new human persons into existence. Love does not seek to conquer or dominate, but to serve. Yet it is not about self degredation, abasement, or slavery. Perverts cannot know love, because everything it is not, is what they seek and in the darkness they call light, true love does not exist! God bless these youth and their adult leaders. Let more Christian organizations with the same moral integrity arise. In their light, there is hope for a new generation.

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4 thoughts on “USA: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms Christian right to denounce Perversions”

  1. Never would have imagined the Twisted 9th Circuit to render such a SANE Decision. Glory Be to God in the Highest…And, Thank God for Trump’s Appointments to the Federal Courts all across the Land bringing God’s Love and Freedom back into our tormented and tyrannical land. Please, allow the seed of the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ to rein and comfort all His people and GROW in the face of extreme evil released to roam the world. Amen!

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