Bishops who reject Benedict, seeking the favor of Peace from His Lord on Sept. 14

Editor’s Note: There is nothing I want more for Ukraine, other than the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, than peace. But this initiative is about as sane and will be about as successful, as asking your electric company to power your refrigerator, while at the same time refusing to plug it in.

Without Christ’s true Vicar, you are not going to get big favors from the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s how the Church works.

Even when Pope Benedict XV sought peace in World War I, and had Eucharistic devotions enacted everywhere for this grace he did not obtain it. So he named Our Lady, Queen of Peace in the Litany of the Rosary and sought Her to end the War. Seven Days later She descended from Heaven to Fatima, Portugal, and promised She would end the war.

So when you dump Christ’s Vicar, embrace a raging Marxist heretic freemason, go along with women’s ordination, sodomites in the cloth, perverse notions of gender and marriage, and then kneel down before the Most Blessed Sacrament asking for Peace, you can imagine what the Lord of Glory is more inclined to grant you. And I am not talking about a slap in the face…

So get ready for fireworks.

I will pray for peace: first for the peace that comes from repentance, and second the peace which comes from the Divine Providence’s Avenging Justice which wipes from the face of the Earth the presumptuous, proud and evil Bishops and clergy and political rulers who are tormenting the Mystical Body of Christ.

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6 thoughts on “Bishops who reject Benedict, seeking the favor of Peace from His Lord on Sept. 14”

    1. My thoughts put into precisely-crafted words leaving no room for “misunderstanding” or “interpretation” by some. Thank you.

  1. So…the ‘Bergoglio’s “Consecration of Ukraine, Russia and the Universal Curch ” did NOT work out well, with the Bishops, so now, the Cardinals’ will try with, basically …simony!!?? The VIII Circle of Dante’s Inferno is ..awaiting.

    1. The end result might be 20 to 25 more years of enslavement to the AntiChrist and his Freemasonry.

      Prepare to arm yourselves and make basements.

  2. Brother, you are helping and inspiring the PPBXVI resistance. The Message in a Bottle Wake Up Video you appeared in has lead to philosphers publishing books like The Benedict Code. Hope it is published in English soon?
    When Bergoglio’s C6 invite French Grand Orient freemasons as residential guests to write books like Sodano, the Vatican gets it published in 8 languages simultaneously worldwide to discredit the good men like Cardinal Burke with the Bad, and the C6 Ugly. Honest philosphers publishing books like the Benedict Code dont have that support and funding.
    God bless FromRome.Info.

  3. I remember a Parable of Jesus about the wedding feast in the Gospel of Matthew

    “… The Master of the Household, angered, ordered his servants to bind him up, and thrown outside where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth…”

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