ERITREA: Government presses Catholic youth at Mass into Military Service against their wills

Editor’s Note: There has been a 40 year war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Both governments now are Marxist, and the war continues as a cover for the persecution of Catholics in Eritrea and Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia, while both sides push the Muslims to depopulate both countries and demographically replace both groups with themselves. At the same time they buy a lot of arms from China, Saudi Arabia, and France. This is what you call Masonic colonial warfare.

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3 thoughts on “ERITREA: Government presses Catholic youth at Mass into Military Service against their wills”

  1. Had no idea of this circumstance in Ethiopia/Eritrea/Tanguay…Sometimes, it would be wise to inform of the significance of a situation. Know of much happening on the African Continent and wasn’t aware of this. Gosh, the U.S. has taken all the Muslims, etc. who really have no cultural basis in the west. Will never comprehend how the U.S, denies Christians and Catholics from lands where they are persecuted entry into the U.S…Not that the U.S. is really Christian/Catholic any longer; secular to evil doesn’t even cover the INSANITY of the west at this time.

    1. AS to why the USA took Muslim refugees/ migrants in preference to horribly persecuted Christians — Thanks the UN. Europe & USA agreed to take migrants/ refugees from UN-run refugee camps ONLY, because the UN was supposed to pre-process them for health, background, etc.
      It so happened that when Christians entered these camps, they were brutally persecuted within the camps by the Muslim migrants until they left, effectively shutting them out of the process to immigrate to Western countries where they could flourish.
      The UN cast a blind eye on this situation, and still does.

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