EUROPE: As heating costs skyrocket, Consumers need to remember this one fact

that 90% of your energy bills are imposed taxes, tariffs and other governmental or corporate levies, which have nothing to do with the cost of the energy itself.

For example. Italy gets its Natural Gas from Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan, methane costs 23.5 cents per liter. In Italy it costs $2.73 per liter. This is only methane (GPL costs only $1.10 a liter in Italy).

So don’t blame Putin for your energy bills, storm your National Parliaments and demand the removal of all energy taxes, tariffs, and fees. The cost to transport your gas certainly has no reason to rise, but as it is fixed by percentage to most bills, it rises. You and your jobs are being killed, and the friends of the politicians and the politicians are making a killing.

Source: Here.

The high energy prices this winter are willed by the Rothschilds (aka Globalists) so that they can kill off and impoverish as many Europeans as possible, especially those weakened by the DeathVaxx. In Italy, they even changed the inheritance law, so that even if you have a written last will and testament, if you die without any living heir within your immediate family, the State takes all your inheritance, no matter how much you willed your 4th cousin to get it, or specified that he should be your heir if all others were already dead.  It’s a beautifully sinister system, as you can see. You will own nothing and you will be happy. And if you are not happy, you will be dead sooner than you think.

I expect to see other State sponsored genocidal programs get launched soon, seeing that so many sheep took the DeathVaxx without a even a bleet.

It’s hunting season, and you are the hunted.

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3 thoughts on “EUROPE: As heating costs skyrocket, Consumers need to remember this one fact”

  1. The OPEN contempt inherent to the rapacious sociopath’s idolatry and arrogance is galling. THEY really do believe they’ve won and SLAVERY of the globe will be worse than any throughout the Dark Age.

  2. If the government is stealing from you, is it not just that you take back what they stole from you ( taxes )?

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