4 thoughts on “USA: Usurper’s Executive Order on Tranhumanism will open the Gates of Hell on the world”

  1. “With the FDA and CDC now totally on board, this mRNA technology is being included in scores of other vaccines, including flu shots. ”

    What should parents of young children do?

    1. Maybe you should stop over vaccinate yourself and your kids for something that is not going to make you severely ill or kill you or the kids?
      Most people I know, including older people, don’t ever take the flu jab, or a bunch of other jabs, and they live in Northern Europe, with long cold winters, and they also always use public transport, and they are never sick. Those that do take the flu jabb, still catches the flu. Kids that are jabbed for everything are more sick, or suffer from autism, add etc.
      It’s pretty obvious that Big Pharma is controlling the healthcare system, doctors, politicians, donating large sums of money to governments.
      You always care too much about what those you really should not listen to says.

      1. Exercising the right to self defense is of utmost importance right now. It must be raised to the level of EMERGENCY as these “police” are ruthless.
        Better be armed than to be maimed and disarmed.

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