USA Top Chemist confirms Rain & Snowfall contain Graphene, Surfactants, etc.

Editor’s Note: That there are pollutants in the atmosphere is one thing; where it is coming from is another. Graphene, for example, might be in the atmosphere from the burning of coal. Other metals can be there from refineries and founderies. However, surfactants won’t survive being burnt or at high temperatures. They could be in the atmosphere by dumping sewage from Airplanes or from other sources. There are needed more detailed studies as to the sources, not just the contents of pollutants. — However, after the Scamdemic, all possibilities must be considered. At the the same time, we must be cautious not to over react, because the movement to claim that the atmosphere’s are being sprayed with toxins, can be used to push a green-political agenda to get factories and farms shut down, which is actually the real goad of Globalists. The Climate change agenda is only the political game to achieve that.

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2 thoughts on “USA Top Chemist confirms Rain & Snowfall contain Graphene, Surfactants, etc.”

  1. That is one of the most diabolical things ever read here.

    May it blow straight into the faces of those who are behind this, who came with the idea, and/or executed the idea.

    Be sure to wash thoroughly what you collected from your garden and/or what you received from other people’s garden.
    The apples on your trees, the grapes, whatever!

    And: le général Christian Blanchon, of France, is praising
    the non-vaxxed. (See Frontnews or

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