Mark Mallet’s Ridiculous escapade into the Controversy over Benedict XVI’s Papacy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Hey, when you see that a blogger, on the header of his blog, has a classy fashion photo shoot of himself next to a rock which strangely bears the symbol of the Masonic Lodge, you gotta take interest why such a person is writing, his motives.

In his Sept. 16th post, Mark Mallet is just such a writer: entitled, “Who is the True Pope?” it is a tour de force of error, misinformation, misdirection, disinformation, lies and just wrong headed reasoning.

As a Franciscan brother I have no desire to take pleasure in taking his little crumb cake to pieces, but I have to defend the truth from Rome, to which Mallet is either entirely oblivious (maybe because he cannot read either Latin or Italian) or totally and intentionally wants to hide (a la the Masonic Agenda, which of course is enthralled with Bergoglio).

So here is my take down of Mark Mallet.

I first came to know of his post through an interview given at the YouTube Channel, “Mother & Refuge of the End Times”.  — It is absolutely hilarious that a channel which is always talking about the Apocalypse wants so badly that we accept Bergoglio — the Freemason, Heretic, Apostate, usurper of the Papacy, and active unrepentant idolater — as the Pope and Vicar of Christ!

You would think the person or persons behind the channel must be utterly loony, or Freemasons who intended such a deception when they launched their channel, since it seems so contra-indicatory to their entire video project. I mean, to say, if you want Catholics to take refuge in Our Lady in the end times, why on earth would you be telling them to stay in the boat with the likes of Bergoglio, who, if he is not the False Prophet, is clearly the next runner up.

But there it is. Judge it for yourself.

The opening arguments lone show that Mallet has not used the least bit of his critical thinking skills (I will concede arguendo that he has them) or his ability to do some historical or canonical research (I presume he can) to just check for a moment if he understands that of which he speaks or the facts of the matter and just what the arguments of the other side are.

l do not believe he has, because I cannot explain how he has ignored 6000 articles at FromRome.Info, many of which have put into English the meaning of the important Latin and Italian texts (see my Index on Pope Benedict’s Renunciation here) which lie at the heart of this controversy. Also, because I would expect a researcher to at least write someone, like Cionci or myself, who are the leading experts on this controversy at Rome. He has not written me, and Mallet appears to be entirely oblivious to the corpus of writings by Cionci translated here at FromRome.Info or at

Ad initium

He begins his argument by accusing his opponents of “flirting with schism”!

I have been doing an apostolate on the internet since 1992, and so I find it extremely lame that anyone is using such silly jargon. It is even more disingenuous, because as any Catholic who has studied the Catechisms of the Church knows already, schism is not the worst of sins. But for the collectivist, whether Communist or Fascist, and for their patron, the Masonic Lodge, schism is the worst of sins, because it means you are not under a control system or at least risk at breaking free from their control system.

Schism is not like divorce. You don’t flirt with it. The great schisms in the Church were all healed on the basis of accepting the truth, not out of fear of flirtations. Catholics have in the cause of truth never feared being called schismatic, because it is absurd to say that someone holding to the truth of anything is in schism from the Church of Jesus Christ which is the Pillar and Mainstay of the Truth!

Mallet’s use of such jargon shows he wants to be chic, but really knows nothing about theology, ecclesiology or canon law. So let’s not be surprised if he gets everything else pretty much wrong, after that comment, which is so Skojecesc.

What spurred Mallet to write was the recent article, in English translation, of that which appeared on Marco Tosatti’s blog last week, about Tyconius, which I critiqued here. An article which, in the comments to my own, has been shown by Attorney Acosta to be fatally flawed, since Pope Benedict XVI has explicitly said that the ecclesiology of Tyconius is NOT Catholic. So Tyconius’ view of the great discessio cannot be a Catholic view. I explained in my critique why it cannot, anticipating Pope Benedict XVI’s own position in present time, since I was unaware of it at the time I wrote.

St. Gallen Mafia

It is a tour de force of misinformation to discuss this group and cite the book by Cardinal Daannels biographer as proof that no election conspiracy took place, when the book cited by all Vaticanista who have discussed it, clearly does admit they key facts to find this group guilty of election tampering in violation of n. 81 of Universi Dominic Gregis, resulting not only in their ipso facto excommunication but also in the invalidity of the election. To say, as Mallet does, that we should not pay any such interpretation any attention because the members of the St. Gallen Mafia have denied such an accusation, is a principle of argumentation which if adopted would exhonerate every criminal in court at all times and in all cases: that principle is: if the accused deny the charge, they are innocent. Shut up. And stop investigating!

I mean, Mr. Mallet, is that your position?

But his ignorance goes deeper, for he writes:

Moreover, on the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to succeed Benedict XVI, there were 115 cardinals who voted that day, far outnumbering the handful of those who loosely formed this “mafia.” To suggest that these other cardinals were haplessly influenced like impressionable children is a judgement of their faithfulness to Christ and His Church (if not slightly insulting to their intelligence). 

Amazing. Really amazing. The Papal Law on elections says that a Conclave is invalid if anything is done contrary to its law. While it is true that a conspiracy among 26 or so Cardinals to make an impressive first vote would lead directly to their own punishment, the consequent excommunication would render the tally of their votes in the decisive 72-74 final vote in favor of Bergoglio as not countable, and thus invalidate the entire election. There are attempts to avoid the application of the canon on votes-to-be-counted in an ecclesiastical election, on the grounds that the Papal Law is sui generis, but even if, arguendo, that canon did not apply to the special election of the Roman Pontiff, nevertheless, since  Canon Law expressly says that they can innovate nothing, if a Cardinal or his accomplice (canon 1329 §2) is excommunicated he immediately loses the right to vote because he immediately loses the dignity of the Cardinalate (canon 1331 §2, n 4), and you cannot suspend canon 1331 until after the Conclave, since there is no provision for the suspension of its effects on the basis of particular or special law: wherefore, the votes of all the accomplices and perpetrators of the vote canvassing lost the dignity of the Cardinalate and therefore could not vote. That their non-votes could not be counted is a canonical sequitur which cannot be rationally challenged or put in dispute.

Moreover, the invalidity of the election is founded on other grounds: the 5th ballot, when only 4 ballots are allowed, and worse of all, the convening of a Conclave when the current occupant of the Papacy is neither dead nor legally abdicated. That it was convened was a connivance of the Mafia of St. Gallen, too.

The Declaratio

Mallet opens up with disinformation: saying, “There are some debating that the actual language Pope Benedict XVI used in his resignation is only a renunciation of his ministry (ministerium) and not his office (munus).” — No, Mr. Mallet. All are talking about this. But they are not debating the fact, which you seem to claim does not exist, since you cite the English translation of the Declaratio — a translation which has neither legal or canonical value — The one side is saying what Benedict XVI said and comparing that with Canon 332.2 and finding no correspondence. The other side is not debating anything, they just don’t answer.  That makes the entire discussion one-sided, but not a debate.

And Mr. Mallet, your saying that the controversy has no basis in the text, is simply a childish cop-out.

Nor can you appeal to the Pope’s actions as proof that your interpretation of his intentions in using the wrong word were not erroneous, because if he intended munus when he said ministerium, canon 332.2 would make the renunciation invalid by 2 factors: substantial error and lack of due manifestation.

You can argue all you want till you are blue in the face, but you cannot argue away the fact and the law of the case.

Then Mr. Mallet cites these words of Pope Benedict XVI to prove his own position, even though it proves the opposite:

There is absolutely no doubt regarding the validity of my resignation from the Petrine ministry. The only condition for the validity of my resignation is the complete freedom of my decision. Speculations regarding its validity are simply absurd… [My] last and final job [is] to support [Pope Francis’] pontificate with prayer. —POPE EMERITUS BENEDICT XVI, Vatican City, Feb. 26th, 2014;

Mallet reads this statement as if it read, “There is absolutely no doubt regarding the validity of my renunciation of the Petrine munus“.

That Mallet does not realize what he is doing, some less respectful reader might surmise is due to some mind-control or deep psychological block. I hate to imply anything of the kind: I will simply call him out as a liar and fraudster. After 9 years of controversy this is not a mistake that can be pardoned anymore.

That the Holy Father consciously chose to renounce the ministry not the munus, he states quite well in the citation made by Mallet, which follows:

It was a difficult decision but I made it in full conscience, and I believe I did well. Some of my friends who are a bit ‘fanatical’ are still angry; they did not want to accept my choice. I am thinking about the conspiracy theories which followed it: those who said it was because of the Vatileaks scandal, those who said it was because of the case of the conservative Lefebvrian theologian, Richard Williamson. They did not want to believe it was a conscious decision, but my conscience is clear. —February 28th, 2021;

But again, this has nothing to do with the fact that he renounced the ministry not the munus.

In fact, in Italian, to renounce ministry rather than munus, is what makes the difference between saying, Ho fatto le mie dismissioni, and Ho abdicato. That is, I resigned, vs., I have abdicated.

So the Holy Father is perfectly consistent. His mind is truly very clear. I will grant that Mallet’s might not be so.

You can read the rest of Mallet’s scribblings above, through the link to the top image, as I won’t bother, having proven the case already.

The papacy is a monarchy. As St. Alphonsus says in the interpretation of laws, when a monarch does not use the word which signifies that which you want to hold is the meaning of the text, you have to have recourse to him to change it by written decree, otherwise, your interpretation is not authentic, nor is it binding upon anyone.

Case closed.

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14 thoughts on “Mark Mallet’s Ridiculous escapade into the Controversy over Benedict XVI’s Papacy”

  1. It seems wearing black is an outward sign of a satanist.

    They also love those compass-like shapes that form a triangle.

    1. Black is very common today. Nearly all the youth wear it all the time. Only the priests stopped wearing it, to fit in. Haha.

    2. Black is still the most normal, formal colour of mourning in the West. (In the East, and in the tropics, it is pure white) Religious orders who traditionally wore black habits signified sorrow for sin.

  2. Bkack signifies death. For Christians it means death to sin, by carrying the cross. Jesuits turned it into death to your own will and live to the will of someone else, the superior.

  3. Brother Alexis,
    I think that long ago you proved your case that Benedict XVI did not in fact give up the Papacy. These days Mark Mallet also urges people to pray for Bergoglio that he might change his ways.

    There is no purpose in praying for an apostate who is not the Holy Father ,and has set out from the very beginning to destroy the church. Clearly by his actions Bergoglio is an enemy of the true church, and therefore an enemy of Our Lord himself, so he does not merit any prayers.

    There have been a couple of occasions in the churches history where two people claimed to be pope , and it was always the case that one pope was true, and the other false.

  4. Brother – I need help. Please tell me how I can comvince a dangerously wavering Godson that although we have unconditional free will – the fact that God is omniscient and knows everything while we are alive and what will happen to us when we die. Therefore we don’t actually have free will! What can I say? God bless.

    1. We do actually have free will, despite that God is Omniscent and knows before we do it, everything we shall do, will, think or desire. His knowledge does not take away our freedom, because it is not the cause of our decisions. He is the cause only of our power of liberty, and when we believe in Christ and pray to Him, He assists our liberty with grace making it stronger to chose the good. How can God know everything about us without taking away our liberty? Just as I can tell you what my Brother would order at a certain restaurant before he orders it, because I know his likes and habits through and through from my youth, just so God knows us better than ourselves so, without intervening to make us chose one thing or another, He knows beforehand our choices.

      1. God bless you for taking the time to help me out here. I was thinking along the same lines but you have encapsulated the truth in a way my Godson will understand. You may well be instrumental in saving a struggling soul. Heartfelt thanks.

  5. “He knows beforehand our choices.”
    Although , The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity can see events as they are unfolding, it is important to note, that when it comes to the sin against The Holy Ghost, the denial at the moment of our death of Salvation Love, God’s Gift Of Grace And Mercy, we have been given the free choice to choose to repent, do penance and accept Salvational Love, eternal happiness with God, or to die in a state of sin.

    “Hail The Cross; Our Only Hope!”

  6. Mr. Mallet flashed a masonic hand gesture at the 1;30-1:33 mark on the video when he used the term ‘mafia’. Sub-consciously, perhaps?

    1. It’s is called ‘subliminal message’, a “handout” for the “deep state” to “understand.”

      A lot of secular media is handing out these messages that even children are imitating them.

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