BBC & FaceBook just admit complicity in genocide of Humanity through DeathVaxx

Editor’s Note: It is an indisputable forensic fact, that if you destroy evidence of a crime after it was committed that you are complicit after the fact. But if the evidence regards the negative effects of a produce which you promoted before it injured anyone and while it was injuring many, then your complicity is found in all aspects of the crime and you deserve to hang by the sentence of a court. No political party which refuses to reinstate capital punishment for such crimes can be considered pro-humanity.

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5 thoughts on “BBC & FaceBook just admit complicity in genocide of Humanity through DeathVaxx”

  1. Can a non-Catholic party be trusted to wield the death penalty as a deterrent to killing?

    1. Yes.
      There are people of integrity who revere and obey natural law, and as leaders they can (so far as humanly possible) be trusted to govern the state wisely. Such elected officials will prudently enforce laws regulating capital punishment to maintain public order and domestic tranquility.
      Political parties are made up of people, and if you get enough honest ones in one party, then that party is a good bet to vote for, even if it’s not Catholic.
      (Disclaimer: I’m not saying any political party at this moment meets that requirement.)

  2. BBC is complicit in the crime of genocide because they promoted the vaxx agenda, just like any MSM.

    What BBC is doing is shifting the blame. It seems chaos is erupting in Europe right now.

  3. Given the Pelosi’s, Biden’s, Cupich’s, Martin’s and Bergoglio’s among MANY OTHERS not least of which are the German Synodists and the Patriarch of the Russian Church now supporting Putin; who in the world really believes people claiming themselves CATHOLIC and APPEARING AS CATHOLIC in some sense are TRUSTWORTHY to wield the sword?

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