Bergoglio admits his people were sad that the NAZI Third Reich was defeated

Editor’s Note: This is absolutely not a coincidence or random irrational remark. For an understanding where Bergoglio came from and who has backed him, click here, here, here, here, especially here, and here.

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19 thoughts on “Bergoglio admits his people were sad that the NAZI Third Reich was defeated”

  1. Holy. Cow…. We. (The. Church People. As. Well
    As. The. AMERICAN. People). Know. Nothing
    About. Our. Church. Or. Our. Government…..
    Everything. We. Thought. Or. Were. Taught
    Was. A. Lie. Or. At. Best. A. 1/2. Truth….
    America. Has. Had. It’s. Dirty. Little. Fingers. In. All.
    The. Worlds. Evil…. It’s. Not. God. Bless. America
    But. Rather. God. Forgive. America…..

    1. No doubt, it is America and Europe, now. It BEGAN AND WAS ABOUT THE U.K. TAKING OVER AMERICA ONCE MORE AS A COLONY since colonies were very profitable for business/individuals; although expensive for the Empire, itself.
      U.K. TRIED twice to get America militarily and lost leaving other means necessary. A man, Benjamin Disraeli began the ‘Shadow Govt’ through CORPORATIONS/BANKERS over 100 yrs. ago and through hook and crook; manipulated America INTO THEIR SLEAZE over a period of half a century. With the inception of the ‘Trilateral Commission’ in 1973 with Kissinger and Brezinsky with the Rockefellers during the Carter Admin., the U.S. became the stronger ‘Shadow Govt.’ And…It IS NOT America. It’s an International Technocratic Corporatist/Banker Mafia…Taking over following WW2 through the precursor to the CIA which BECAME THE CIA, DOD…It’s the ‘Shadow Govt’ infiltrating everything almost to saturation right now. Since so many of us were INDOCTRINATED PURPOSELY to believe the U.S. operated as it did according the the Founding Father’s ideas, motivations, ideals; we were set-up to believe the reality up to 1914 when J.P Morgan was approached by Rothschilds in London to BEGIN THE TAKE OVER OF AMERICA. So INDOCTRINATED are we, it’s now excessively difficult to face the truth. For Catholics, the infiltration of the Church has been resulted in the most ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ and it’s been a ‘double whammy’. Regardless, BOTH ENTIES are about COVERT TAKE OVER and it’s time for the people to rise to RETAKE our Institutions even if it costs blood. Of all countries, the U.S. is Universally Armed and our people are Militarily Trained after 25 constant years of Warfare. The Freedom of the World DEPENDS UPON GOD AND GOD’S OWN PEOPLE WORKING WITH HIM AND FOR HIM…Are we willing to fight and die regardless of being BLIND in the past? 🙏🏻⛪🙏🏻

  2. His father was persecuted by Mussolini. I doubt he was sad because the Axis was defeated. For the most part, Argentines of that age were pro-Allies. Only the Army and Peron were siding with the Reich. The Navy was solidly pro-British. And please remember there were many Argentine volunteers who joined the allies, some were RAF pilots that bravely defended Britain in her darkest hour.

    1. Argentina was a de facto ally of the Third Reich and supplied meat and grain and manufactured goods. It was the active cooperater after the war in numerous rat lines to help Nazis flee justice.

      1. Indeed, correct. It’s always great to hear your input since you’re ALWAYS FAIRLY ON TARGET. To this day a part of what separates the U.S./Mexico/Argentina/Chile concerns alliances of WW2 and the young are unaware of the reasons for the enmity. It isn’t about RACISM as much as it is Mexico’s alliances with the Axis in the modern century…Even though, there were always issues since the Mexican/American War. All the Latin American countries were questionable since they were historically aligned with Spain and Spain’s Franco with the Spanish Civil War had resulted with the Fascist Govt. being supported through Hitler/Mussolini. STRANGE BEDFELLOWS DOTH WAR BRING.

      2. What you say is true in part but that was the Army and the Peronist party. The average Argentine did not want the Axis to win. Many volunteered to fight for the Allies. I was not even alive at the time and yet I knew one RAF pilot (who lost his legs in combat) and a volunteer that entered Berlin with the Russian troops (lost one leg as well). There were many like them. It is sad that thanks to Peron and his cronies (who helped Nazi criminals escape in exchange for hard money) now the whole country has to carry the “Nazi” sticker. Remember Eichmann? Many believed it was Argentine-Germans who informed the Israelis where he was hiding. Apart from the usual two loonies, no one cared about Hitler but the creeps who were in government at the time. JMB was for most of his adult life a member of the Peronist “Guardia de Hierro” (Iron Guard Corps).

      3. Yes, but in English, “his people” can refer to either one’s close relatives or one’s nation.

      4. My comment is not contentious, dear Fra Bugnolo. It was a good opportunity to clarify who was who in those days. The armed forces of Brazil were pro-allies. Their equivalents in Paraguay, Chile, Argentina were not. That was easy to see. Peron, Stroessner and other Latin American dictators hope for the Axis to win. They are all dead by now.

  3. If you say Francis, Catholics will understand you immediately.

    If you say Bergoglio, they’ll say “Bergoglio who? Jorge who?”

    So as not to waste time, say Francis immediately in order to help enlighten Catholics right away.

    This is similar to if you say Karol Wojtyła. How many Catholics know this name, but they know John Paul II immediately.

    Also, using Francis will help in spread your articles and website in Google’s algorithm.

    Bergoglio has little traction in Google’s search engine. But Francis has millions.

    So do you want to attract the few who know Bergoglio?

    Or the millions of Catholics who know him as Francis?

    1. Bon, you simply are ignorant of the proper way to address Popes when making the distinction between legitimate ones and illegitimate ones, and when you make the distinction between the man and the man acting in accord with his office.

  4. It was also shown in Google images that Hitler died an old man in Argentina, of course under a new name.

    1. Hitler died in Berlin the summer of 1945. The story of his survival in Argentina certainly sells books, gets clicks, etc. Many artists (actors mainly) of that age used to revive their own careers with the old “I saw Hitler in such and such place” — instant remedy for those whom the newspapers forgot. Hitler was a very sick man in 1945. He could not survive crossing the Atlantic in a submarine, Those who have been inside a U boat can attest to how hard that was. Even granting that he made it to South America just like Borman, Klaus Barbie, Eichmann, and other minor figures, his medical needs, addictions and other ailments would have prevented him to live to a ripe old age as some have said. I put that out there with Elvis and JFK sightings. Read “Gray Wolf” a great action novel that some read as history. Hardly a year goes by without a new Hitler survival story. Here some people managed to “see him” up to the 1970’s. 😁 When Juan Peron died all those stories ceased to appear. He was a real Nazi, perhaps one of the last.

      1. I think the preponderance of evidence is that he did survive. An 8-10 part documentary was made in English and aired on National Geographic Channel about 4 years ago. Material evidence all supports the fact, and even the genetic studies of the alleged remains of Hitler, found by the Russians in the Bunker turned out negative. So where did he go? And why would a body disappear if he had not fled. So I think you are arguing out of pre conceived prejudice. Forensic study needs to be more calm headed.

  5. I believe it was the History (Distortion?) Channel, wasnt it?,end%20of%20World%20War%20II.

    Shouldnt we follow the money? Who owns the history Channel or National Geographic? Didn’t the Documentation originate with the CIA? Doesn’t OMC’s documentation undermine the credibility of the CIA? Isn’t this whole thread indicative of the “end game”, demoralisation? Without Our Lady, aren’t we “sub-marine” ourselves?

    1. It is difficult to see how Eva Braun could be his grandmother, seeing that the woman claimed to be his grand mother has a totally american personal history.

      Not to mention, that genetically, Barrack Obama does not bear traces of german descent. Dunham’s geneological tree is claimed in detail.

  6. I think he might have flown to South America as Germany had long been working on long range bombers that could make it across the Atlantic, bomb the U.S.A. and return to Europe.

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