3 thoughts on “Ukrainian Forces advance across strategic Oskil River in Eastern Ukraine”

  1. I fear that once Russia used all their gold for war, both Ukraine and the Russians will be left with famine.

    1. That may take longer than 3 years since that is at least how long Russia’s reserves can pay for the war … alot can happen in that time.

  2. Russia NOW HAS BIGGER FISH TO FRY…No doubt, Russia and China have plans for yet ANOTHER ATTACK to STEAL more Taxpayer $$$ and LAUNDER under the pretext of ‘Climate Change’ and War. Making American $$$ hand over fist and UNDERMINING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE U.S. YET FURTHER as the Globalists planned. Wouldn’t be surprised were they to attack the U.S. Mainland, Hawai’i or Alaska to take advantage of the Trilateral Commission’s WEAKENING of the U.S. while STRENGTHENING THEM AS ENEMIES AT THE SAME TIME.

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