Unpacking the Lies underlying the claim that Humans Evolved from Chimps

Editor’s Note: There is one minor error in this video, at the end, when Cristina says that the heart pumps. That has been disproven by mechanical physics. Otherwise the video is very anti-Teilhard de Chardin S. J., and thus is to be recommended. However, the argument that the Bible teaches the age of the Earth in the geneologies we have for Adam and some of his descendants, is a really bad argument, since Luke shows us that the geneologies in the Bible do not have to include all the members.

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7 thoughts on “Unpacking the Lies underlying the claim that Humans Evolved from Chimps”

  1. Computer Graphics was always used by Masonic Propaganda to reconstruct the history.

    National Geographic is an example.

    1. National Geographic is actually a Jewish Publication. They changed the name decades ago to make it appear that the opinions expressed there represent America or Americans, or Scholars.

  2. So, how does this compute with the-Hitler submarine-life-in-Agentina source? Doesn’t it cast a shadow of doubt on its facts?

  3. The youths and adults today are committing mortal sin against the first commandment if they believe on evolution after so many facts disproving it.

    They should remember that the author of The Descent of Man is a firm agnostic, and thus will share his condemnation.

    The Wikipedia portrait showing Darwin with his eldest son in a dress, with a makeup and a necklace as a 6 year old is truly horrifying.

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