Russian Federation calls up 300,000 Military Reservists

 Editor’s Note: As I said more than a month ago, Putin has not given up on this war, he is determined to win it by moving to full mobilization or war economy, as much as he can. The use of non-conventional, nuclear, biological weapons and tactics should be expected. Russia will have to expand the war zone to gain tactical or strategic advantage, seeing that she has lost these in Ukraine in suchwise that she cannot seek victory there without a face-loosing concessions. The fatuousness of Putin’s character cannot permit that, so the difficulties presented by the recent Ukrainian advances (though mostly all in those areas where remnants of the Foreign Legion remain) will call for more dire action.

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3 thoughts on “Russian Federation calls up 300,000 Military Reservists”

  1. Beware of an elderly dictator looking to leave a “heroic warrior” legacy; he will have no compunctions unleashing a scorched earth [ =nuclear strike] policy on an enemy nation–even it it redounds , or invites retribution, upon his own country.

  2. In reality, what’s changed in the Russian Leadership since the ‘Cold War’ years when many of us grew up…Except the HIDING OF THE COMMUNIST AUTROCITIES FROM VIEW OF THE YOUTH NOW BEING INDOCTRINATED AND BRAINWASHED IN U.S. UNIVERSITIES TOWARDS SOCIALISM/MARXISM?

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