3 thoughts on “Chloe Cole: How I was butchered as a girl by Trans-Gender Activists”

  1. Whatever…No sane parent would EVER allow this for a child. When did people become so lame, STUPID and SATANIC? There is no such thing as TRANSGENDER…No female or male can EVER change their sex and that’s the way it has been, is and always will be. Time to tell the Technocrat Totalitarians spreading this malarky having NO CLUE after decades of research in placing the essence of a human into a sexless machine of it being the IMPOSSIBILITY IT ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE. THIS will NEVER be conditioned into the human psyche as normal regardless of any propaganda.

    1. When people live by feelings not truth, they can be terrorized and manipulated into doing any sort of immoral thing, since they have abandoned reason as the rule for actions.

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