5 thoughts on “May the Novus Ordo Missae go the way of New Coke”

  1. Ahhh yes. The colossal failure of the roll out of New Coke. I remember it well.

    Fantastic analogy.

    Let us all continue to pray to save our Traditional Latin Mass.

  2. Indeed. I see the recognition of Pope Benedict XVI as the true pope as the door to securing the Tridentine mass in a diocese.

  3. One day it will be proven that the true unadulterated holy sacrafice of the traditional Mass in its ancient poetic form with every syllable intact and every gesture and word and sign strictly preserved is the eternal Omniscient Sacrafice of Christ proffered in His chosen ones ..of which , He Himself declared would be ” few”.

    1. Well I think that is an exaggeration. The truth is, that the hatred of some things which seem to us good but not special, turns out to be of Hell because they are more good and special than we think. Only persecution reveals that.

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