NETHERLANDS: Govt. Walks out as Minister is exposed as Intel Plant

Editor’s Note: Oxford, for more than a century, has been the breeding ground and head quarters of the Pilgrim Society, so anyone studying there must be suspected of being a member, especially those who afterwards are raised to positions of power elsewhere in the world. As for the Netherlands, it is total lock step with the Pilgrim Society plan for the domination of Europe. So on that basis, I would be inclined to believe the accusation made against the Dutch Minister who studied there to be true, even before seeing the evidence. — For more on this, see, “The Oxford Conspiracy against America” and its associated links to subsequent expose programs, at

As for the claim made in the news source above, that the accusation undermines democracy: this is classic Masonic projectionism: accusing your opponents of what you are in fact doing.

Readers with more information about this story in the Netherlands, please leave links in the comments below. This news is very important because it represents a break in the code of silence in the Masonic control of Europe. And citizens everywhere need to pour in information to widen the breach so as to bring down that entire evil satanic system.

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2 thoughts on “NETHERLANDS: Govt. Walks out as Minister is exposed as Intel Plant”

  1. Recently a Dutch hospital CEO, dr Maurice van den Bosch, published a financial help idea for financially troubled co-workers
    in his hospital, like nurses etc. by donating 5000 euro’s.
    The response was huge.
    Around the same time, the socalled ‘royal family, of whom the weffers maxima zorreguieta and her husband W.A., were awarded an increase of 450.000,- euro’s taxpayersmoney by the Dutch weffinet, a few weeks after sigrid kaag, who flushed 70 million euro’s Dutch taxpayers money to her hobbyclub in the middle-east, mentioned in public that ‘there was no financial room to compensate her fellow citizens for high inflation and rising energy cost……..
    Then I suggested on a forum to this ‘royal’ couple to act royally
    by not accepting this increase of 450.000……….. or to follow the excellent example of mr van den Bosch and donating that increase to needy people.
    So far known they did not reject or donate it …………..

    For the irresponsable weffinet the taxpayersmoney apparently is like a playgardentreasure that they can use as they like………..


    Dutch member of parliament Thierry Baudet, the leader of the political party Forum voor Democratie, gave an excellent speech on 22th September last week. Summarized, he gave an overview of the trail of manufactured crises (migration, inflation, climate hoax, carbon dioxide hoax, Ukrainian-Russian war, energy shortages) and the diabolical annti-human mindset of the psychopathic cult members in Davos, WHO, UN.
    In essence, these nefarious creatures hate free humans. These self-conceited creatures want to cull and control humanity.
    Then Baudet linked the ideology of the Davos cult to communism, which also hates traditional families (father, mother, children) and sovereign nations. Therefore, the Davos cult aims to destroy families, nations, borders and seeks to replace these God given, natural entities and replace them with woke/LGBTQZ-ideologie, mass migration and the perverse sexualization of the education of very young children.
    Baudet exposed post-WW2 universities, politics, media with the ideology of cultural-marxism, communism disguised as ‘progressiveness’. Baudet mentioned that current Dutch minister of Finance, Sigrid Kaag, has studied at St Anthony’s College, an Oxford university renowned for teaching in global issues and a well-known recruiting centre for secret services. Hence, it is also referred to as ‘the Spy College’.
    This remark aroused immediate turmoil amongst Cabinet ministers, especially Sigrid Kaag herself, who reacted as if stung by a bee. She made objections via the Chairman, but Baudet just continued his speech. Then Sigrid Kaag left parliament and ALL cabinet members followed her example.
    Baudet was forbidden to finish his speech, which is unconstitutional, since he is an elected member of parliament.
    Later in the evening Baudet uploaded the final part of his speech on youtube.
    Sigrid Kaag used to work in international diplomacy and only a few years ago she rather suddenly showed up on the ballot papers for Dutch parliamentary elections. Therefore, my personal view has been from her appearance in Dutch politics, that she was put there to execute a ‘mission’.
    The Dutch state broadcasting company had a special rather biased (promotional) video made of her to increase her popularity. Yet, the irony is that she is not liked at all by the people.
    Dutch independent journalist/talk show host Robert Jensen also expressed his view on what had happened: it is most likely that Baudet exposed Sigrid Kaag, because if his statement were meaningless, she, as well as the entire cabinet could have shrugged and laughed at these petty remarks.
    Robert Jensen named his latest show ‘Vluchten voor de waarheid’ i.e. ‘Flee from the truth’. (Show 507).

    *Robert Jensen has been critical of the Covid hoax fro the start in early 2020, and he has been censored from youtube, Apple Podcast. That is why he started his own independent website and show on internet.

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