Fr. Altman calls for the resignation of Bergoglio and his ecclesiastical cronies worldwide


“Turn in your miter, Bergoglio, because you are schismatic”! — “Silence is complicity! We’ve got to keep this in mind regard to our bishops!” — “You have no authority, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, to change the Council of Trent!”

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5 thoughts on “Fr. Altman calls for the resignation of Bergoglio and his ecclesiastical cronies worldwide”

  1. Adore Fr. Altman, He and the other cancelled Priests ARE THE REAL PRIESTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT…’The Church Militant’. In time, they will replace the viper heretical apostates and the Church will go on as though the storm never happened.

  2. Not gonna happen. These Guys are in it for the power, prestige, and money. Their master is Satan, and they are such fools they don’t fear Hell.
    Bergoglio and his scum cronies are apostates — if indeed they ever had any faith, they lost it a long time ago. I pray (as I am bound do do for my enemies) they repent before it is too late.
    But I shall be very surprised if they do. The Apocalypse says that “the tail of the Dragon swept 1/3 of the stars from heaven” — that means that God foresaw that 1/3 of the Church’s prelates would lose their souls.

  3. It takes a while of listening but you can finally hear FrAltman say ” Turn in your miter, Bergoglio”
    Surely someone can make a baseball cap . I’d buyone.

  4. I admire Fr Altman’s persistent & scathing critiques of various prelates [mostly USA-based]. But he appears to have been deceived on one crucial issue, as he mentions the “resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI “for which we do not know the precise reasons yet”, thus he appears to recognize Cdl Bergoglio as the ‘legitimate’ pope, albeit an extremely bad/heretical/schismatic one!

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