Father Nix (Padre Peregrino) — A Catholic Analysis on the DeathVaxx


Editor’s Note: Father is a Covid-believer, but even he has opened his eyes to the danger of the so called Vaccines…

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11 thoughts on “Father Nix (Padre Peregrino) — A Catholic Analysis on the DeathVaxx”

  1. One can begin the reasoning about SARS-CoV-2,
    departing from several undisputable FACTS:
    1) Epidemy began in WUHAN, a place where there is
    a Laboratory in which they were doing “gain of function”
    modifications to the original SARS-CoV-1 virus.
    2) This laboratory was financed also by NIH, following
    the advice of “doctor” FAUCI (translated JAWS from Italian)
    3) The virus has several parts that originally belonged to
    HIV-AIDS, and has other parts seemingly from a BAT and
    others from the PANGOLIN (only an idiot can think that
    those animals, from very distant parts of the world can
    have some sort of biological relation)
    4) A crucial modification of this virus mRNA, that increases
    many times the infectivity and letality towards Human Cells…
    was the “clivage site of the FURINE”… that part was registered
    in BLAST (a Genomic/Proteomic info-repository) in 2018…
    by the same ModeRNA factory that later produced the
    death-vaxes (NO other product commercialized before).
    5) The original virus attachs to the ACE-2 receptor, that is
    present in the deep alveoli of the lungs, but it is expressed
    50-fold more in the Kidney and in the cells of SERTOLY
    in the testicle (cells that nurture the spermatozoids)…
    so We can assume that the primary target was to reduce
    fertility in men. (a long-lasting dream of Bill Gates)


    6) ALL travelling from WUHAN to the rest of CHINA was restricted, but travelling from WUHAN to ITALY and GERMANY was allowed, and Main Stream Media encouraged contact
    with chinese people (remember the words by Burioni and Bansky), and tried to minimize the risk as being a simple
    CORONAVIRUS (the Virus of Commond Cold, in the books
    that the vast majority of Medical Doctor had learned)

    7) It was already known in March 2020 that ASPIRINE,
    NIMESULID and powerful antibiotics like CIPROFLOXACINE
    worked. In case of initial thrombosis, the very simple injections
    of HEPARINE in the low belly could be done.

    8) AUTOPSIES where forbidden by Word Health Organization
    (“Organizzazione Mondiale della Salute” in Italian language).
    Italian coroners performed unathorized autopsies, using
    special isolated chambers with negative pressure, long rubber gloves and UV lighting.
    They discovered that the patological pocess was a mix of Thrombosis and Inflammation, that could be easily fought begining with ASPIRINE (Acetyl Salicilic Acid)

    9) Nevertheless, even after that discovery, Mr. Roberto
    Speranza (with a degree of economics, and a post-grade
    in SOROS’s London School of Economics)… continued to
    reccomend PARACETAMOL and WOKE WAIT,

    10) The “mRNA vaccines”, that ARE NOT VACCINES, were
    recommended by all the European political establishment .
    Remember that Vanderlyen’s husband works for PFIZER.

    Giancarlo R.

    PS->The only good reason to get the vaccine, is for an
    unconcious desire of SUICIDE, thus avoiding being alive
    during the unfolding of the Apocalyptic Era.

    1. Giancarlo Rossi,
      And to think that there is a CLOWN in the Vatican, telling people to take this bioweapon jab, BECAUSE it is an “Act of Love”!
      Is it MAD, BAD or SAD that Malachi Martin’s prophecy has come true, that SATAN sits in the Chair of Peter?

  2. Well done, Brother!
    Well done Giancarlo Rossi!!
    Thank You for the summary of the infernal – well planned – attack on Families = the 21st Century attempted assassination of the human herd ….

    With Loving Blessings for enduring Courage to unmask and stop the evil Eugenicist-Globalist Cabal…

  3. I believe it’s not a bio weapon but a chemical weapon based on what they are finding in the jabs, various toxic chemicals, metals and other nano particles, nothing apparently biological bc the luciferians are utterly depraved and stupid and no match for God and His design so all they can do is inject a bunch of toxic crap into your bloodstream and try and kill you.

  4. Nobody’s mentioning the presence of products of abortion (along with other unknown ingredients were in this “experimental gene therapy”.
    Which meant that from the beginning, every truly pro-life Catholic decided to reject all offers of the jab, — no matter what specious justifications were proffered by Bergoglio, whom most of them didn’t trust though most still though he was a canonically elected pontiff.

    1. 100% Agree. This Scam was a real sifter of souls. Many talk about God’s promise to send a test which will show everyone their true state of soul. They are expecting some light from heaving or moment of supernatural grace. But perhaps it was rather diabolic in origin, permitted by God. Now everyone has to live with the decisions they made in 2020-2022 for life.

    2. Agreed! Every Christian who knew aborted fetal cells were used had to make a choice, live on the backs of the murdered innocent or rather die…. I chose to die if necessary. Turns out vax is more dangerous than the 99.9 % fake virus but even if
      the shot truly worked, my life is not more important or precious than the unborn.

    1. A lot of videos I republished are taken down hours later. I doubt this one is out there still since it was against the DeathVaxx Narrative.

  5. I wonder if you could upload your videos in platform like Rumble, Bitchute… which has much less censor. It is a pity we cannot view your wonderful videos because they get taken down so quickly.
    May God bless you abundantly for your hard work.

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