2 thoughts on “USA: Catholic High School in Maine, first to receive State Funding after Supreme Court Ruling”

  1. This sounds good but aren’t the Catholic schools then required to follow state laws by taking this tax money? Therefore here in Illinois they would be required to install feminine products in the boys restroom and other regulations? They would be controlled by the state?
    Do not think your kids are any better off at a Catholic school in the liberal United States. My son was severely punished by his Catholic high school after his involvement in a mask protest in February. They stripped him of sports and social activities that led to us withdrawing him 5 weeks later. His twin brother finished out the semester but also wasn’t permitted to play sports. When we enrolled him at his home public school they would not sign forms to let him play sports there either. What did he do? He took a video (most kids can be seen taking video) but his video was posted by Republican candidates and advocates and went viral.
    The school has adopted some extreme left wing ideology and instituted social justice classes. They permitted a BLM protest in 2020. They are indoctrinating a generation of compliant followers and any attempt to stand up to freedom is severely shut down. This school tried to destroy our family. Most of our support over the past 2 years (coaches, teammates and friends) never spoke a word to our family again. Two other students and their families were also ostracized. This happened in a community that that claims to follow Catholic values. I maintain my faith but will no longer participate in the Catholic community.
    I am an adopted person whose birthfamily includes several priests and a Catholic Bishop. My childhood priest served a 20 year sentence for sexual abuse against my classmates. I have tried to forgive but I can’t forget these atrocities. I also tried to get several priests to sign a religious exemption against taking the mandated biological weapons for my job and they refused. I knew how evil the church was but sent my kids there thinking they would be safer. At one time I was a proponent of school choice but my eyes have been opened. I would have done anything for my boys school. I paid a huge tuition bill and raised money for sports. The past 8 months have been very painful for my family. I know people will not agree with my views but this has been my experience. I wouldn’t go back and change this, though. Standing up for freedom needs to come before anything else at this point in time. A line in the sand has been drawn and it has separated my family from the church.

    1. These evil persons do not represent the Church, they are persons who rejected the remedies Christ gives us in the Church. But yes, their are way too many of them in the Church in the USA, as we have not had an Inquisition there ever.

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