Archbishop Ganswein makes historic and outrageous declarations about the Renunciation


Commentary and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

To summarize this explosive news, in English, I relate the following points:

  • Helmut Ganswein, the brother of the Archbishop makes a phone call to a brother of one of the 8 Priests who in August declared for Pope Benedict, of which group Don Minutella is the leader and point of reference
  • During this phone call, which was calm and polite, the Archbishop says, that “Don Minutella e’ un pazzo”, which means, “Don’t Minutella is a nut”.

This phone call reminds me of the one I received from the Archbishop, (see here) and of what was said of me in the national Catholic Newspaper, Avvenire, after Andrea Cionci cited me for having done a detailed syntactical Latin analysis of the Declaratio of Pope Benedict, which also used the same insult.

Don Minutella spoke in greater detail about this matter later in the evening, on his YouTube Channel, Radio Domina Nostra:

In this video, Don Minutella says the context of the Archbishop’s insult against him, had to do with this, that the 8 Priests who declared for Pope Benedict XVI in August, wrote a letter in German to Pope Benedict XVI. The brother of one of these 8, who himself is Bergoglian, received a phone call from Helmut Ganswein, in regard to this letter in German to the Holy Father, and thus, Archbishop Ganswein joined the conversation without revealing his own phone number. — Don Minutella remarks that this is a strange round-about way to respond to a letter to the Holy Father. I say, IF, the Holy Father was allowed to receive it. I would think that this strange way of responding, means that it never arrived in his hands. This manner of acting is more like that of the Sicilian Mafia, not of the Holy See.  The phone call by Father Helmut Ganswein, was made from the Vatican territory.

The cordial telephone was organized by Father Helmut, and was recorded. It lasted 20 minutes. — In Italian law, telephone calls cannot be published, so Don Minutella summarizes. And I summarize him in turn.

Ganswein’s first declaration: “Don Minutella is a nut. And he who follows him is also a nut!”

The Church is disintegrating, under Bergoglio, in all parts of the world, but Ganswein’s first words are these!

Ganswein’s second declaration: “Minutella is theologically out-of-his-mind!”

Don Minutella says, “How can anyone dialogue with people like this?”

Ganswein’s third declaration: “His Book, ‘Peter, where are you?’ is not worth even the paper it is printed on!”

Don Minutella says, “I do not know what this could mean.”

Ganswein’s fourth declaration: “Pope Benedict has appeared many times with Pope Francis, and is totally faithful to Pope Francis.”

Don Minutella says, that If Pope Benedict really is in communion and ‘totally faithful’ to Pope Francis, … but we know this is false, since Pope Benedict XVI has several times contradicted the agenda and intentions of Bergoglio regarding changes in the Church. He then cites the book with Cardinal Sarah on the Celibate Priesthood, his teaching against communion to public sinners, he teaching against idolatry…  So either the Archbishop has been blinded by God for his complicity or he is intentionally misrepresenting the historic truth.

So Don MInutella is out of his mind, but Ganswein is rationale, saying that Benedict is totally faithful to Francis!

Ganswein’s fifth declaration: “Pope Benedict has never mentioned any other name in the Canon of the Mass”.

Don Minutella responds, we have no proof of this. — Don Minutella says, if the Archbishop is credible after his first declaration, then he can be believed here too.

Ganswein’s sixth declaration: “He has also never named himself in the Canon”

I say, a pope never does this, so what? Does Ganswein actually think he can fool us into thinking a Pope names himself in the canon?

Ganswein’s seventh declaration: “He has never put in doubt the validity of Pope Francis’ election”

Don Minutella says, that this declaration of the Archbishop is incredible, because it would mean that Benedict is the most untrustworthy pope ever to reign. However, it is not necessary that Benedict XVI say so explicitly, since the evidence for the invalidity of the election is abundant and public, already.

This claim of Ganswein is thus, without citation, merely his interpretation of the mind of the Holy Father, and an attempt to make us think that Pope Benedict XVI is 100% in agreement with the Bergoglian “pontificate”. The Archbishop’s claim would mean that Benedict XVI is o.k. with idolatry and the abolition of the traditional rite of the Roman Liturgy, things which are historically evidenced by his previous statements, to be entirely contrary to his mind. Again, after Bergoglio confirmed the Amazon’s Synod recommendations, Benedict XVI immediately responded with the book in celibacy with Cardinal Sarah.

Ganswein’s eighth declaration: “He himself wrote every word of the Declaratio”.

Don Mintuella says that considering the trustworthiness of Ganswein, and since no one put this in doubt, his affirmation of this makes one think that the truth is the opposite, namely, that the enemies of Benedict XVI wrote the entire document.

Ganswein’s ninth declaration: “But there are some errors.”

At last, Archbishop Ganswein has confirmed what I have been saying with other scholars! — Don Minutella says, that this statement would mean that the canonical validity is null, since naming the munus via the word ministerium would be a substantial error. — I say, but Pope Benedict XVI has publicly declared that there are NO errors in it. In the sense that he intended the errors it contained for a precise purpose, to fool the St. Gallen Mafia into thinking he renounced, I believe is the truth. — Don Minutella thinks that Ganswein says this to make us understand the opposite, that Benedict never wrote a single word of the declaration, because he would not have made these errors, and that all this happened because he was already in a sede impedita.

Ganswein’s tenth declaration: “It is absurd to accuse Benedict XVI of holding that he is still the pope, and affirm that the Renunciation is only a pretext; some confratelli use this controversy to cover problems that they have; it would necessary to reflect whether there are old problems to be resolved.” (59:18)

Don Minutella says this is the worst of insults, and shows that the Archbishop has no argument in his favor. It is the lowest of insults to accuse one’s opponents of having skeletons in their closets.

Ganswein’s eleventh declaration: “These witnesses … do much more damage than those who commit liturgical abuses”

Don Minutella says its absurd to think that such are worse that the outrages committed in recent decades.

Ganswein’s twelfth declaration: “There are even those who fault Benedict for not being coherent with his past.”

Then the Archbishop speaks of those who have declared for Benedict, such as Father Gehhard, need to renounce their errors and seek spiritual direction… implying that those in such errors cannot be saved.

Don Minutella responds to all these declarations, with a humorous argument which totally destroys his affirmations: “It’s time to change the wardrobe of Pope Benedict, and get some black cassocks. I will send you the name of my personal tailor and then the confusion about who is the pope will disappear!” — This proves that Benedict XVI does not at all agree with you.

30 thoughts on “Archbishop Ganswein makes historic and outrageous declarations about the Renunciation”

  1. Ganswein has had his 2 feet in different places for some time already. Clearly by standing SO CLOSE to PachaPope he has been ‘subtly brainwashed’ or ‘explicitly told’ that he needs to “choose”. Since no one wants to lose their lofty pension, he has now sided with the PachaVatican. After all, and sadly, Benedict has trusted him so fully, that Genswein can do WHATEVER he wishes. And Benedict is nearing his ‘sunset’, so Genswein, who is a smart person, might think, “I’m still young..I better side with the stronger bunch, albeit heretical ones! GENSWEIN: an opportunistic CHAMELEON!!!

  2. They will lose their pension, anyway, because the PACHAN-gueros (on Latin America those that dance and drink till late nightclub, falling drunk im the streetwalks) will BANKRUPT the HOLY SEE (which is almost done).

    The healthy Churchill of Portugal, Brasil and a febbraio other will not go bankrupt.

    Hint: “try to get a retirement fee in heaven”

  3. Many nuts grow into mighty and valuable trees, that “grow good fruit”. I think in particular of the majestic State Tree of Texas, the pecan; which not only bears a nutritious food crop, but provides an attractive and costly hardwood much sought for fine furniture.
    I wish the world had a vast orchard of trees like you and brave Don Minutella.

    1. I used, “nut” to translate the Italian in popular style. The Italian word, “pazzo” means someone afflicted with insanity of mind.

  4. Why is no one scandalized over the disrespectful , rude and obnoxious conduct of the German bishops/cardinals – refusal to shake hands with Pope Benedict ? I believe Ganswain is (4th or 5th ) from the end of the line . This occurred on September 22, 2011, when Benedict visited Germany.

    1. The Catholic MSM and Bishops for the most part were not scandalized, because they were part of the world wide conspiracy to change the religion. Once they got exposed a pedo protectors and pedophiles under John Paul II, and learned that B16 was going to kick them out of the Church one by one, they revolted. Bergoglio is the leader of the Church of Sodom, not the Church of Christ. People need to get that straight in their heads and then the whole thing makes sense, why they say that Benedict XVI resigned, but why Benedict keeps wearing white.

  5. After listening to the whole “telephone call” info, given by Don Minutella, I am certain 100% that Genswein was ‘forced’ to make the ‘indirect’ phone and give all that gibberish. It’s a BLUFF, mandated by we know who. Since everything the PachaVatican has done to undermine and stop Minutella has not worked in their favor, infact Minutella has continued relentlessly and with other Priests, (and since they can’t dispose of him) they had to find a different route. So, who more effective (they thought) than someone SO CLOSE TO BENEDICT to insult Minutella and demolish his work, his beliefs, his obstinate loyalty to Benedict. So they basically forced Genswein ‘to do something’. In all fairness an truth, Genswein could not DO IT HIMSELF, (because he in fact might well be on Minutella’s side, Genswein had his brother make the phone call!! I believe this is the plot behind the scenes. If, it is not….than we go back to my first thesis, that GENSWEIN is an opportunistic chameleon! La VERITA’ – prima o poi verra’ su…come l’olio nell’acqua!! Grazie al Signore.

  6. Perhaps this is common knowledge: Don Minutella has reported that the figure of Ganswein is not the exclusive guardian of Benedict, but rather a group of 5 or 6 dedicated lay women. I found this comforting to know.

      1. We need Catholic Nuts, not Masonic Bananas.
        Viva Christos Rey!
        Viva PPBXVI !
        Viva Cardinal Burke !

  7. Don Minutella would be aware of this, too, wouldn’t he? Did Benedict choose them himself? Could it be their weakness is their strength? Couldn’t the same assessment be applied to just about every religious order? The pickings are very slim.

    Dear Fra Alexis, I’m coming back to comment on your site, just because I know something about this movement and maybe you don’t know much about it (Memores Domini) and about it’s founder, Don Luigi Giussani, founder of Movimento Comunione e Liberazione (Grazie a chi anch’io sto adesso scrivendo e parlando italiano ed essere molto affezzionata a Papa Benedict XVI anche dai tempi da quando era soltanto cardinale J. Ratzinger ), one of the greatest friends of card. Joseph Ratzinger, that quoted in his books another close figure to Papa Benedict XVI, Hans URS von BALTHASAR.
    And all these are known even by Don Alessandro Maria Minutella.
    Yes and alas, the Movement CL was manipulated and changed from within, after Don Giussani died. Just like happened with the Catholic Church !
    So, due to these facts (the ancient special relationship between card. Joseph Ratzinger, now, Papa Benedict XVI and Don Giussani ), it’s more credible that himself choosed those persons to take care of him.
    The same opinion has also Don Alessandro Maria Minutella

  9. I am not suprised at all by Archbishop Ganswein’s words. He has previously already stated his violent condemnation against all Catholics who believe that Benedict XVI is still the reigning Pope. I refer in particular to a post published in the BENEDETTO XVI blog on February 26, 2022 authored (presumably) by Arch. Archbishop Ganswein himself (for the related link see my post published on February 27, 2022 where the original version of the post also appears ).

    1. Stevie thinks he knows Italian better than Italians. In fact, having lived in Italy for more than a total of 7 years, I can confirm that for Italians, to say, “Pontefice sommo” and “sommo Pontefice” is truly two different significations. Stevie will never admit this, because he is a paid ex-CIA agent, who is tasked with a vain attempt to take down the truth and defend the globalist narrative, playing hard on the right side to bring it down. As a CIA agent he surely knows how to use amphibologies, as they are taught how to lie 24/7, and thus, from a point of view of forensics, in this debate, you could not believe anything Stevie writes, simply because he admits to being an ex CIA agent and is proud of it. If you know anything about the CIA you know that they were founded by the Skull and Bones lodge members, one of the most pathologically psychopathic masonic lodges of the illuminati in all the world, responsible for the murders of now over 5 billion persons. So Steve has to bark at Cionci, because if their narrative fails, the CIA will go down and Stevie with them for all the crimes he committed in its service, if he has left their service at all.

      And, as a matter of fact, even a cursory search

      shows that the Vatican Website has many uses of “Pontefice sommo”. But they are in reference to Jesus Christ, as High Priest. So Cionci is right, in Italian, that phrase does not mean Supreme Pontiff, but High Priest, that is, the top guy.

      But to address Stevie’s theory that the comment of Archbishop Ganswein, at the Conference, citing Jeremiah, is to be taken without reference to the passage on Jeremiah, because it simply addresses those attending a conference on faith and reason and the importance of belief: his interpretation though appealing to the occasion is meta-contextual, which is the worse way to read a text. The contextual interpretation of Cionci and myself confronts the strange things said by Ganswein, that he will “in a catholic manner”, that he asks how to say Isaiah in Italian (impossible that having celebrated mass in Italian for 30 years he does not know this), and that the words of the Holy Father are NOT directed to the book or the conference, but to the expected incredulity of the audience to the comment, that these men on the panel about to speak are “illustrious” personages in the mind of the Holy Father. Cionci explains why no one would believe that, in his fine article, linked to in my own. This means that the reference to Jeremiah must regard, disbelief in the message sent by his personal secretary to these illustrious persons, and thus the citation to Jeremiah, I am impeded, being an exact historical circumstance of the prophet being shut up, and sending his secretary to give witness with a message that wont be believed, is the only passage which explains everything in Ganswein’s salutation.

      Moreover, Stevie wants you to think that the 8 priests or all those in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, actually believe Cionci’s reading of Ganswein. We do not. I explicitly reject it. I think Ganswein speaks his own mind on many occasions, but on others does what the Holy Father tells him. As for the citation of Jeremiah and Isaiah, Stevie puts blinders on, because he imagines that the Holy Father is totally ignorant of what is going on in Italy. And that, after 10 days, having not discounted the public interpretation to Ganswein’s address at the conference as meaning, I am impeded, would let millions be deceived by remaining silent. Stevie has a very dark view of Benedict XVI. But as an ex CIA agent that is no surprise, because only those without the light of God could ever become a CIA agent and be proud of it.

      Finally, to those who might object that I address Mr. O’Reilly as “Stevie”, they need only read the link above this comment so see him use, “secret decoder ring” several times, to understand at what kind of level his mind works.

      This above comment was shared on twitter as part of a flame war, this morning, between Reilly and B16 supporters

  10. viva Mgr Ganswai !

    augurandoli di sopravivere in questo nido di vipere del Vaticano con alla testa il furbissimo ed autoritario papa argentino

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